Jimin, Jungkook, & V Got Into The Cutest Art Contest To Wish J-Hope A Happy Birthday

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A celebration is in order, ARMYs! J-Hope turned 27 years old on Feb. 18, (Korea is 14 hours ahead of the US) and he's already being showered in lots of love from his bandmates. BTS' tweets for J-Hope's 27th birthday put their tight-knit relationship on full display.

RM was the first bandmate to take to Twitter to send J-Hope warm birthway wishes. He shared a photo with J-Hope to the official BTS Twitter account, and while his message was written in Korean, fans quickly translated the message to English. "HobiHobi JayHobi Happy bday," RM wrote alongside two smiling emojis.

Moments later, Suga shared a b-day message for J-Hope as well. "HobiHobi! Happy Bday!" he tweeted. So fans would know it was him, he added the hashtag, "#ItsSugaHyung." Jimin also chimed in, writing his friend a three-line poem.

The BTS boys don't have individual Twitter accounts, but it's so sweet to see them take turns posting from their joint. When J-Hope turned 26, his bandmates were sure to ring in the special day with celebratory messages, and they didn't miss a beat this year either. You can see BTS' tweets for J-Hope's 27th birthday below.

Jin jumped in to send his birthday wishes around 8 a.m., continuing his tradition of writing notes for his band mates. This year, it said, "Hey J-Hope, Happy Birthday to you." Simple, but more than meaningful.

V didn't let J-Hope's birthday slide by without sending a tweet of his own, and, just like Jimin, he wrote his bandmate a little poem.

Jimin and V wound up getting into a little poetry battle, but it was all in good fun.

Jungkook appeared to be inspired to show his creative side as well. He sketched a portrait of J-Hope in honor of his birthday, and shared the photo to Twitter. Fans were more than impressed.

J-Hope's bandmates weren't the only ones showing him love on his birthday (although more tweets from his band mates are sure to come). Fans from across the world chimed in with sweet bday messages of their own.

"Happy Birthday j-hope our sunshine, hope, happiness, light I wish you good health and happiness always nobody could describe how much I love you hobi always stay safe borahae," one fan tweeted.

Many acknowledged J-Hope as the "sunshine" of the band, thanking him for being a bright light.

The birthday love wasn't limited to the parameters of the internet. ARMYs showed their appreciation for J-Hope in a multitude of ways. Fans in China celebrated his big day by commissioning a giant mural in his hometown of Gwangju.

In the Philippines, fans banded together to install two billboards featuring his photo to wish him a happy birthday.

J-Hope's birthday comes once a year, but his bandmates and fans lay on enough love to last all 365 days.

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