BTS Wished J-Hope A Happy Birthday With The Most Hilarious Tweets

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every time a member of BTS turns a year older, Twitter goes wild with tributes to them. It's not just ARMYs who get in on the fun, either. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook always send the best messages to each other. On Tuesday, Feb. 18, it was no different. These tweets for J-Hope’s 26th birthday prove the boys are the best of friends.

Hours prior to J-Hope's special day, ARMYs got a present of their own when James Corden announced BTS would join him for Carpool Karaoke on Tuesday, Feb. 25. Fans were pleasantly surprised and shared their excitement in the comments section, noting that it was a perfect gift for J-Hope's birthday.

To kick off the big day, the official BTS account tweeted out a "happy birthday" message complete with an adorable GIF of J-Hope. The post also included the lyrics to J-Hope's recently released song "Ego" in the hashtags.

The first member of BTS to wish J-Hope a happy birthday on Twitter was Suga, and he didn't disappoint with his adorable tweet. According to fan account @BTSTranslation7, Suga wrote: "Hey, Hope-ah, happy birthday! Hahahahahat #HBDhobi#ItsSugaHyung#ImFirstPlace (in wishing you happy birthday) #Dehet (laughter)."

As the day went on, kind messages began to flood Twitter from fans and J-Hope's bandmates. The second to tweet was Jin who wrote, "Jjwae-hope happy birthday I love you," along with the cutest selfie of the two where Jin's hair is tied up in a hilarious sky-high ponytail.

RM shared a candid pic of J-Hope and wrote: "#HBDhobi#Namjooning."

Jimin went all out, posting four photos and a sweet message.

"Our Hope really happy birthday to you," the translation for Jimin's tweet to J-Hope read. "<Hoping your life is> Only full of happiness #HobiHBD#JIMIN."

V took a more hilarious approach, posting a photo of J-Hope at dinner with his eyes closed, surrounded by drinks. "Aigoo, excuse me?? How much did you drink.. (sigh)," he wrote. "#DidntEvenHave#OneGlass#HappyBirthdayJjwayHope#Im#Kim#Tae#Hyung."

And, of course, there was one more post for J-Hope over on BTS' official Twitter account. "The times the brightly shining ARMYs and J-hope spent together," the message said. "#jhope#JungHoseok#ARMYsHope#TheOneAndOnlyHope#HopeDay."

ARMYs are still waiting to see whether the maknae, Jungkook, will post, but know that if he doesn't, that just means he gave J-Hope his birthday wishes IRL.

It was obviously a day full of love for J-Hope.