A screenshot from BTS' reaction to their "Black Swan" video.

BTS Was Just As Shook Over Jimin's "Black Swan" Dance Moves As You Were


After BTS shared two music videos for their Map of the Soul: 7 lead single, "ON," ARMYs didn't expect to get any more visuals until the group's next comeback. You can imagine their surprise when BTS dropped a "Black Swan" MV out of nowhere. ARMYs were shook, to say the least, especially because the clip showcased Jimin's contemporary dance skills. As it turns out, BTS' reaction to their "Black Swan" video was the same as fans' because they couldn't help but praise Jimin's elegant moves.

Less than a week after debuting their second "ON" visual on Feb. 27, BTS shared their "Black Swan" MV on March 4. It gave off an eerie feeling, as it had RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungook performing in a dark, deserted theater along with their "shadows." Since BTS alternated between wearing black and white suits, the video seemed to show the members transforming from white swans into black swans on stage. This was emphasized near the middle of the video when Jimin grew large, black wings. Jimin's beautiful transformation, mesmerizing dance moves, and sexy corset had ARMYS totally swooning.

On March 17, BTS shared their reaction to their MV, and throughout the clip, they kept praising Jimin over and over again. "Jimin's just amazing," J-Hope gushed as soon as he appeared on the screen. "Wow," Jin said, followed by RM complimenting Jimin's impressive high kick. Jungkook just yelled Jimin's name about 18 times.

To no one's surprise, the moment that had BTS amazed the most was Jimin's transformation. BTS let out one huge "Whoa!" to express their adoration for him. The best part is, Jimin was just as blown away as the others. "I sprouted wings!" he exclaimed.

Watch BTS' "Black Swan" MV below.

RM provided a possible explanation as to why Jimin was the only one who grew wings in the video. "You know only the strongest in the game gets wings, right?" RM told the group. "That's right. I'm the strongest in our party," Jimin agreed.

All in all, BTS loved how the video turned out. "This music video is perfection," Jin said.

See how BTS reacted to their MV below.

I think it's safe to say the "Black Swan" choreo was made for Jimin, because everyone is entranced by him when he performs it.