BTS' Jimin Sent The Sweetest Tweet To His New Label-Mates TXT Like A Supportive King

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; YouTube

TXT is definitely in an interesting position as the newest boyband under BigHit Entertainment's label. On one hand, they've got a lot of pressure on their shoulders just because they're the newest rookie band trying to make their mark in the extremely saturated K-Pop industry. But add to that the fact their label-mates are the literal biggest boyband on the planet, and that pressure is probably multiplied ten-fold. But with all that said, TXT also has the extreme benefit of having the biggest boy band in the world in their corner, Jimin's tweet to TXT congratulating them on their debut is proof of that. The knowledge that Jimin, Jungkook, V, RM, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope have TXT's back must be a huge weight off the young band's shoulders.

OK, so let's backtrack: TXT made their K-Pop debut on March 4, dropping their first album, The Dream Chapter: Star, and a brand new music video for their first single, "Crown." The music video was an instant hit with fans thanks to "Crown"'s catchy beat, the group's amazing vocals, and the music video's sick choreography and stunning visuals. Check out the video below (and clear your schedule because you'll want this in your ears and eyeballs for at least a straight hour):

It's no wonder when BTS' Jimin saw the video, he had to give it a shoutout like the supportive king he is. Jimin took to Twitter shortly after TXT's music video dropped, writing, "We will support you going forward as well. Hwaiting. I sincerely congratulate you on your debut. #JIMIN #TXT,” according to a translation by Koreaboo.

FYI: "Hwaiting" is a Korean phrase used for encouragement when cheering someone on, like saying, "Good luck.")

When TXT got wind of Jimin's message of support, they responded thanking Jimin for his support. According to Koreaboo, their response translates to, "Hello Jimin sunbaenim!! We are TOMORROW X TOGETHER! From now on, we will do our best!! Thank you for cheering us on/supporting. Please watch over us well!!"

Another FYI: "Sunbaenim" is a term that means "senior" in Korean, but not in the elderly sense. In the Korean language, someone refers to someone else as "sunbaenim" when they attended the same school as you or, like in this case, they worked in the same company before you did.

This isn't even close to the first time Jimin has shown solid support for his fellow Idols on Twitter. Just last week, Jimin tweeted his support for his friend Sungwoon, who just went solo after his K-Pop group, Wanna One, disbanded. When Sungwoon debuted his first solo music video for his song "Bird," Jimin tweeted, "I’ll support you too, hyung. You worked really hard."

The reason he wrote he'd support Sungwoon "too" is because, just a few days prior, Jimin had shown his support for his other friend in the biz, Kim Daehoon, who he used to train with and his now a dance instructor.

When Daehoon appeared on the Korean show I Can See Your Voice, Jimin made a handmade sign to cheer him on that said, "I’ll also cheer for you and looking forward to your first TV stage. Cheer up, Daehoon-ah, fighting!"

I don't know how I'll continue to function as a normal human being without a personalized supportive tweet from Jimin to cheer me on at this point. But considering I'm not on that level with him (yet), I guess I'll settle on listening to "Answer: Love Myself" on repeat instead.