ARMY Twitter Is In Stitches Over BTS' J-Hope & Suga's April Fools Joke

by Jamie LeeLo
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Happy April Fools' Day, everyone! Hopefully, you're busy enjoying BTS' J-Hope and Suga's "Sope" April fools joke and not suffering something really tragic that your roommates put you up to. The playful group members have ARMY Twitter in stitches after they changed their account photo, name, and messed around with their profile, too. After Jin made the cover photo a picture of himself carrying a huge black tiger prawn (more on that later), J-Hope and Suga took over. ARMYs love nothing more than some goofy sub-unit action. It's the little things, y'know?

To celebrate the playful holiday, J-Hope and Suga made the official BTS twitter account profile picture a selfie of themselves and swapped the name to "SOPE," a combination of "Suga" and "J-Hope" fans use to refer to their friendship.

The most hilarious aspect of this joke was how they updated the BTS profile to read, "Contact via DM for event inquiries. We can go anywhere within the country. Get it!" In no time, #SOPE was trending in the U.S. on Twitter and curious/probably-a-little-hurt ARMYs were tweeting about how it isn't actually possible to DM SOPE (because obviously BTS' DMs are closed), but they love the joke anyway.

April Fools, I guess?

Meanwhile, SOPE tweeted out, "The number one of Korea!!!! Singers SOPE."

ARMYs have been furiously refreshing their Twitter feeds to see any SOPE updates and praise the duo for making their Monday a little brighter.

Many Twitter fans shared clips from J-Hope and Suga's V Live video documenting their April Fools shenanigans too, though U.S. fans are still waiting on an English translation.

It also wasn't lost on fans how Sope totally steamrolled Jin's April Fools efforts. Prior to his bandmates taking over, Jin jumped on the BTS Twitter account first to goof around with the header image. He swapped the photo for a multi-series picture of himself holding the aforementioned giant prawn. In the picture, he's kind of holding it up to his ear like a telephone. Jin also changed the profile to read, "Hello?"

Hilariously, fans are pointing out how quickly SOPE rained on Jin's April Fools parade:

No worries, of course, because all of the group members are loved equally. In Jin's defense, all's fair when it comes to April Fools. Sope pulled an April Fools on his April Fools joke, which makes all this even more epic.

At this point, anything anyone in the group does is amazing PR for their comeback album. Map of the Soul: Persona is scheduled to release on Friday, April 12, and has already sold over 2.6 million in pre-sales. So far, ARMY has been gifted with a short trailer of RM spitting some serious rhymes as part of the hype train. Beyond that, fans are religiously following BTS' April schedule to see when/where any new information might be released.

While it's nice to know the boys are taking today to goof around, there is no doubt about the fact that their workload is intense AF. Their ability to balance a world album premiere and #SOPE is what makes them so incredibly iconic, and hopefully there aren't any real hurt feeling between J-Hope, Suga, and Jin. (Listen, Jin. I liked the prawn.)