BTS Posted The Most Spooktacular TikTok Videos For Halloween

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Back in the good ol' days, BTS posted hilarious dance videos decked out in epic costumes for Halloween. Those days are long gone, however, since some sacrifices must be made when one is in an internationally famous, busy AF boy band. But that doesn't mean you can't depend on BTS for the Halloween content you know and love anymore. They definitely didn't let ARMY down this Halloween (because when have they ever?). The boys shared multiple videos of themselves celebrating the spooky day, and while it's not a costumed choreography video, the clips are just as BOO-tiful as you'd expect. BTS' TikTok videos for Halloween are super spooktacular.

BTS legit just joined the social media platform and has already mastered how to captivate an audience on the app. On Sept. 25, the group announced via their Twitter that they joined TikTok. Hours later, BTS set the record for reaching one million followers the quickest on TikTok. It only took the group three hours and 31 minutes to reach one million. On top of that, BTS' first TikTok video received four million likes in less than three days. As of Oct. 31, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have more than five million followers on their page — and for good reason.

While all of their videos so far have been extremely entertaining, their Halloween-themed TikTok clips definitely outshine everything else on their page, IMO. You can decide for yourself after watching the videos.

Jin, RM, and Suga put on an epic, ghostly performance, that had viewers squealing with excitement.

V dancing next to Jimin as a skeleton might be the best thing I've seen this Halloween. I've watched the 15-second clip more than 30 times already, so you're welcome BTS.

The last (but definitely not least) TikTok video showed Jungkook and J-Hope doing an eerie mirror dance. The video clearly gave ARMYs all the feels and stans couldn't help but share their love for HOPEKOOK.

"I AM CONFUSED 😂😂😂 CANT DECIDE IF THIS IS SCARY OR CUTE !?!? 😂😂😂," one fan tweeted. Another gushed: "THEY ARE THE CUTEST so adorable😭😭 Happy halloween💜"

Many fans also pointed out that Jungkook and J-Hope's dance was extremely similar to their "Fake Love" choreography.

The videos were posted shortly after BTS wrapped up their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour in Seoul, Korea, on Tuesday, Oct. 29. RM shared a heartfelt speech with the audience, ensuring that, although the Love Yourself era was ending, its message would continue.

"Love Yourself: Speak Yourself ends here, but our journey to find ways to love ourselves will continue, so let's hold each other's hands and move forward," he said. "I hope that even one word, one lyric that I write can be used by you, for loving yourselves."

It may be the spookiest day of the year, but these videos definitely brought a smile to the BTS ARMY and proved that even if they aren't on tour, the boys never stop entertaining their fans.