This Lip-Synced 'Devil Wears Prada' Scene Is Almost Better Than The Movie, TBH

I will never forget the first time I saw The Devil Wears Prada. Besides the fact that Anne Hathaway's role as Andy Sachs truly taught me how to stand up for myself, Meryl Streep's cutting portrayal of Miranda Priestly never fails to blow me away — no matter how many times I watch it. I mean, it's undeniably one of Streep's most iconic roles from the last few decades, and although nobody can nail Miranda's monologues like Streep can, Bowen Yang's The Devil Wears Prada lip-synced scene legitimately has Twitter going berserk.

If you've ever seen 2006's The Devil Wears Prada, you may or may not remember the iconic (and cringey AF) "blue sweater" scene during a meeting at the fictional Runway magazine. To jog your memory, Miranda is presented with a choice of two seemingly identical belts, which are "so different." This makes Andy giggle, and Miranda answers Andy's laughter with an intimidatingly composed-yet-spitting rant. Twitter user @bowenyang gave the lip sync treatment to this scene in a video posted to his account on Wednesday, Aug. 22. In the vid, Yang's expressions are totally on point, he has every single line down. If you're like me, you'll probably be holding your breath in wonder as you watch the entire scene.

It is honestly a masterpiece.

Hot damn. That was feisty as heck. I am actually quivering RN.

Obviously, Yang's delivery was stellar, and much of Twitter is in a frenzy. Yang's attitude is on-point, because he perfectly matches Miranda's menacing temperament. Regardless of how much you remember from the movie, Yang killed it, and I honestly think he should win the next Oscar for "best lip sync performance."

Others way out there in the Twitterverse, on the other hand, cannot look away from Yang's cunning facial expressions. Maybe it's the scrutinizing way he squints his eyes at Andy's sweater, or how the lower half of his face doesn't move, while his eyebrows judge the heck out of her. Yang may have transformed into Meryl Streep during those two minutes and 29 seconds, and I'm honestly a little scared.

Alas, a number of viewers were downright speechless. After Yang conquered that blue sweater monologue like no other, there were some people out there who just didn't even know what to say. TBH, I'm with them. His performance was just undeniably jaw-dropping, and I've never been so impressed in my entire life.

Some out there in the Twitterverse even want him to do more of the movie. I mean, he totally should. Maybe the scene in the limo? I would watch the heck outta that.

Recreating a Meryl Streep scene that's almost as good as Meryl Streep's performance is quite difficult, but Yang nailed it. Not only was his delivery unbeatable, but his snarling facial expressions were perfect, and TBH, he deserves a medal.

If dreams really do come true, then Yang might have even more Devil Wears Prada lines to completely master in the future. Why do I say that? Oh, just because of a totally tease-y admission from Emily Blunt to Entertainment Tonight back in March 2018. When asked about a sequel, Blunt told ET, "I mean if everyone wanted to do it, it would be cool... I’d be down." OK, it's time to reach out to the OG cast to get all those confirmations of participating a sequel in writing, like... now.

Sequel or no sequel, this performance from Yang most likely put you in the mood to rewatch DWP (it definitely did for me). So, kick back, relax, and don't get those two belts confused — they're actually so different.