This Guy Pranked His Wife Using Her Car's Back Up Camera & TBH, This Is Terrifying

by Candice Jalili
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I'm an unmarried 24-year-old child of divorce, so I am by no means an expert in this arena of matrimonial bliss, BUT I do have to say, being stuck with one person and one person only for the rest of your life sounds about a million times better if that one person is fully committed to making you laugh all the time. And what's the best way to make someone laugh all the time? Of course, there are inside jokes and comedy show date-nights but there's nothing quite like an epic prank. Take a man named Bobby Wesson's prank on his wife, for example.

If you're sitting there wondering, "Who is Bobby Wesson, and what did he do to prank his wife?" let me clear some of those questions up for you with some back story. Wesson is a writer and the hilarious husband to his wife, Rayena. Rayena drives one of those fun cars that have a camera in the back to let you see what's going on in your rear view with a small TV screen in the front. Wesson didn't think much of it in a prank sense until, one day, his son's dinosaur toy gave him some inspiration.

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The toy was stuck on the bumper of his wife's car, and Wesson told Mashable, "I got in later to move it and when I put it in reverse this giant mouth full of teeth was in the back up camera and I jumped halfway out of the seat." From there, he decided he needed someone to share his fear with and it couldn't be just anyone: "I wanted to share that feeling with the people I love."

So that's when he started plotting his epic prank on his wife. Wesson decided to print out multiple creepy clown and zombie images that he strategically placed on her bumper for her camera to pick up. That way, when she went to put her car in reverse and look at the screen, she saw a giant clown face staring back at her.

You know, kind of like this:

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While the prank sounds simple enough, it was actually much more difficult to execute than you would have expected. Mashable reported that it actually took Wesson over a month to complete the prank. "It's harder than it looks," Wesson said. "The backup camera has a super wide angle fish eye lens so you've got to have the pictures right on top of it and angled just right or it won't work, so I built this little frame out [of] popsicle sticks that worked great but every picture is different." So after spending over a month creating the perfect popsicle stick frame for every single one of his creepy images, Wesson was finally ready to put his prank into action.

The prank was such a hit that Wesson told Mashable Rayena ended up completely smashing the screen as a result of her fear. And in case you were wondering just how committed Wesson REALLY was to these pranks, let me reassure you: He was super committed, so committed that he even went all the way to her office. "The best one was probably the one I got her with at work. I had to track her car down in the parking deck," Wesson said.

Once the pranking was over, Wesson posted the images on Facebook (which you can view here), along with screenshots from her texts and a caption that read, "My wife's car has this neat little backup camera that shows what is behind you when you put it in reverse — and I had some tape and some pictures. Always check your surroundings for safety."

If you're feeling sorry for Rayena, well, you probably should... but not too much, according to Wesson. "She's a good sport," Wesson explained. "Over the top extra and playing is kind of our love language."

Tell me that's not strangely the cutest thing you've ever heard.

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