Woman Texts Husband Every Hilarious Thing He Says In His Sleep

by Kendall Wood

Not everyone is a peaceful sleeper. If you're like me, you've kicked and drooled your way to no one wanting to sleep with you, like, ever. Others snore so loudly, their spouses need ear plugs to get some quality shut eye.

And, if you're like Imgur user LongTitlesMakeMeHappy, you talk so often in your sleep, you have lengthy conversations you can't even recall.

This guy has so much to say while he's deep in REM cycles, his wife takes account of their conversations and sends them to her husband so he can read them the following morning.

The man makes hilarious statements about a variety of subjects, some of which are too cryptic to even try to decode. But he does laugh pretty often, which must mean he's having a lot of fun in his dream world.

I talk in my sleep and my wife messages me what I say.

The couple, Lindsay Stamhuis and Aidan Hailes, spoke with BuzzFeed, and Lindsay recounted one sleep-talking moment she did not write down. This time, Aidan thought he was an MMA fighter.

She said,

He started talking about how he and I were sparring partners. I asked him what he meant and he replied, 'You know, like fighting.' He lifted his hand and struck me on the nose with the back of his closed fist, very gently. He even said 'boop' as he did it.

Imagine if you had a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone at all really, who would do this for you on those nights of drinking to the point of no recollection. What? No! Who does that?

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