Bobby Berk & Dewey Do's Astrological Compatibility Is So Exciting

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If there are two things we know Bobby Berk's amazing at, it's interior design and being half of one of the cutest couples in Los Angeles. The Queer Eye designer has been married to his husband, Dewey Do, for eight blissful years and is continuing to make "happily ever after" look not only attainable but effortless. That's particularly impressive when you consider Bobby Berk and Dewey Do's astrological compatibility, because it's not the easiest pairing. But it's a really exciting one when it works.

Berk was born Aug. 25 under the sign of Virgo and Do's birthday is June 7, which makes him a Gemini. Finding a balance can sometimes be difficult for a grounded, reliable earth sign (Berk) and a go-with-the-flow, mercurial air sign (Do). When they succeed, however, it can create a challenging and thrilling dynamic where each partner learns new things about themselves and continues to grow together. It's rare, but when it works, it works, as it does with these two. After all, as Berk told Stylist in a July 2019 interview, being at home with Do is his happy place. He even referred to his husband as his "greatest love." Goals. Here's what else we can divine about this couple's connection based on their astrological compatibility.

Communication is their greatest strength.

Gemini and Virgo have plenty of differences, but their greatest strength lies in their shared ruling planet, Mercury, which is associated with communication. What this means is that not only are they strong communicators who can work through their issues, but they never get tired of simply chatting with one another. Both have a great sense of intellectual curiosity and desire to learn more and grow, and together that journey can be really exciting. They're both equally driven to expand their minds and world views, so they make for excellent travel companions who can spend endless nights just conversing about everything they feel, think, and have experienced. Not to mention all their dreams for the future.

This connection can be challenging in both good and bad ways.

While Virgo and Gemini’s communication skills can help smooth over a lot of their differences, that doesn’t mean this connection can't be a challenge sometimes. Virgo's very grounded and realistic, and so Gemini’s tendency to get caught up in flights of fancy can be very frustrating to them. In return, Gemini just wishes Virgo could let go a little and get caught up in the moment, instead of being so focused on practicalities. That’s just so boring to them. If left unaddressed, this can be a deal killer for Gemini. While it can make for an uneasy and volatile paring, this friction can lead to growth for the right couple. Gemini encourages Virgo to dream bigger and, for their part, Virgo knows how to take the practical steps to make both of their dreams a reality.

Some astrological pairings just go together perfectly. They work because they're so in sync. But then there are the odd couples who, on paper, may seem like they just don't make sense. Yet, in practice, it just all falls into place. No doubt you can guess which of these categories Berk and Do fall into. Based on all indications, they're the perfect example of how soulmates can be found anywhere in the zodiac. When it's right, it's right, and that's just so exciting.

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