Bobby Berk & Dewey Do's Relationship History Is Sweet & Secretive

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Perhaps the only thing I love more than Bobby Berk's taste in decor is his cute AF relationship with his husband of nearly eight years, Dewey Do. Though Queer Eye's interior design guru is pretty tight-lipped about their love story, what I do know about Bobby Berk and Dewey Do's relationship history truly sounds like a fairytale. Berk may keep the details of how they met hush-hush, but he shares plenty of couple pics on IG, and he definitely isn't shy about expressing his love for Do. In July 2019, the designer even told Stylist that his happy place is "at home with my husband" and that Do is his "greatest love." My heart!

Do, who is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, has a resume just as impressive as his husband's. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine, where he majored in biology, Do earned his dental degree at the University of Connecticut Health Center. He then went on to complete his six-year residency (as well as an accelerated med school program) at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Very #casual. Though Do doesn't have a public IG account, here's everything I know about the surgeon's 16-year-long relationship with the Queer Eye star.

They Started Dating In May 2004

In 2003, Berk moved to New York City to be with a guy he was seeing. "I went up there [to New York City] to visit a friend, and I met somebody," he told Forbes during a May 2019 interview. "Though that relationship didn't last, I had fallen in love with the city." And it's a good thing he stayed, because in May 2004, Berk started dating his future husband.

Though Berk has never shared how he and Do crossed paths, Do was likely completing his residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York at the time. On May 10, 2019, Berk wished Do a happy 15-year dating anniversary with a sweet IG post.

They Considered Moving Abroad In Nov. 2010

Though they didn't actually make the big move, a Nov. 2010 tweet from Berk suggests that he and Do considered moving to Saigon in Vietnam after they'd been together for more than five years. "Checking out condos in Saigon," he tweeted. "Building is great! Also has a mall I can open a Bobby Berk Home in and that Dewey can open his medical spa." Do is Vietnamese, and Berk is a big fan of Vietnamese food, so making a home there would make sense for the couple.

They Got Married In June 2012

In June 2018, Berk took to Facebook to wish his hubs a happy six-year wedding anniversary, saying they "got married as soon as it was legal to get married" and had a friend officiate the ceremony. A week before posting his tribute on Facebook, Berk told People that both the proposal and the wedding were surprises orchestrated by Do. "I was surprised with a proposal and then before I could even think about planning a wedding, the wedding was happening then as well," he said.

However, the two weren't technically married until several months later, since the friend who married them "never sent in the correct paperwork." As Berk explained to People, "We had to frantically run to the courthouse in downtown New York City to get married before the end of the year to make sure our taxes were filed properly."

They Moved To Los Angeles In 2015

During a July 2019 interview with the Hospitality Design podcast, Berk revealed that he and Do decided to make the move from New York City to Los Angeles "about four years ago." According to Forbes, Berk decided to close up shop on Bobby Berk Home (which he launched back in 2006) after the lease ended for his brick-and-mortar store in Manhattan in 2015. "I decided to let retail go since it was engulfing my life," he explained. Soon after, the couple moved to L.A., where Berk founded Bobby Berk Interiors + Design.

Berk Said Kids Are In Their "5-Year Plan" In June 2019
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After 16 years together and eight years of marriage, Berk and Do see children in their future. As Berk told People in June 2019, having kids is a part of their "five-year plan," or "when things have calmed down from Queer Eye a little bit." I have a feeling the best is yet to come for these two lovebirds!

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