Here's What Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Recent Body Language Reveals About Their Love

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It's no secret that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of the cutest power couples in Hollywood. From the looks of it, these two go together like very stylish peas in a pod. And while body language is only part of the story when it comes to the dynamic between two people, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' body language might just be the stuff relationship goals are made of.

Ever since their marriage in Sep. 2012, these two have been bestowing some serious post-nuptial bliss at pretty much every turn. Two adorable kids later, it looks like this dynamic duo is still going strong. Whether it's poking fun at each other on social media or flirting it up any chance they get — it is so sweet to see a celebrity couple whose connection, even from the outside, oozes love, sincerity, and friendship. And of course, it's little surprise that their appearance at the premiere of Final Portrait was full of good vibes between these ride-or-die baes. To find out what makes these two seem so in love, Elite Daily spoke with dating and etiquette expert April Masini, of Relationship Advice Forum, to decode their body language during their latest public appearance.

They Wear Coordinating Looks
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We all know that celebrities have some pretty amazing teams behind perfecting their looks. But even so, according to Masini, the fact that they're rocking coordinating outfits means that they want to be viewed as a unit.

"Even their hairstyles, both of which include featuring prominent foreheads with twinning hair styles that are brushed back," show just how in-tune with one another they are, says Masini.

And even their pleasantly serene facial expressions project that they are definitely on the same wavelength.

They Can't Keep Their Hands To Themselves
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Another dead giveaway that Lively and Reynolds can't get enough of each other is the way they're often photographed touching and reaching for each other.

"They’re on the same page about PDA, each other, and their social stance," notes Masini. "They’re presenting their affection and united front for the public."

Not to mention the fact that it definitely looks like Reynolds is taking some time to appreciate how fierce Lively looks in that checkered getup.

Masini also notes that their "unposed" and natural facial expressions imply that their relationship definitely has a healthy dose of "spontaneity and openness with each other."

Their Connection Seems Playful And Sincere
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"Their expressions give insight into their genuine live-in-the-moment feelings that keep their relationship fresh and real," notes Masini.

Looking at this pic, it's hard not to imagine that Reynolds just said something v sassy and Lively was like "LOL, stop trolling." Ahh, love. And let's be real, sometimes when bae gets sassy — especially when you're in a healthy, loving relationship — you have to clap back, paparazzi be damned.

They Mirror Each Other
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According to Masini, the fact that these two spend most of their time facing each other is a huge sign that their relationship is in a great place.

"When your body faces a partner, purposefully or subconsciously, it’s because you’re aware and connected to them," explains Masini.

And body language aside, their adorable grins say it all. Taken out of the context of a red carpet, these two look like one of those couples you see bopping around in IKEA on a casual Sunday. Just like, really, abnormally attractive.

No couple is perfect, but Lively and Reynolds definitely make a convincing case. Their mutual love and appreciation for each other really shows in the effortless and relaxed way they interact — even when the cameras are on. We wish this couple all the best, and hope they keep winning the game because we are living for it. Protect them at all costs.

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