Billy Porter's STUNNING Golden Globes Ensemble Took Several Months To Make

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It's safe to say fashion lovers everywhere had been wondering what Billy Porter's Golden Globes look would be ever since his last red carpet slay. Porter solidified his status as a fashion icon with an abundance of fire fits in 2019, and in 2020, he's only upping the ante. While he recieved a nomination for Best Actor ina TV Drama, and he decided to serve a little *extra* drama in the form of a fully feathered train. White Swan, but make it couture, honey!

OK, to be clear, Porter's look wasn't actually inspired by the film Black Swan, or the White Swan, for that matter. During the red carpet pre-show, host Zanna Roberts Rassi hinted that Porter's stylist said the star's look was meant to symbolize peace and new beginnings. She also said that the look would have a regal, royal flair — and honey, I loved both Kate Middleton's and Meghan Markle's wedding gowns, but I wish I could create a time machine so they could go back and wear Porter's feathered white masterpiece. Then again, maybe he's the only human fierce enough to pull it off? It might not meet the Queen's strict dress code, but he's the king of fashion in my eyes.

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"This is not a sitting outfit, this is a standing outfit," Porter told Ryan Seacrest on the carpet, who replied, "This is a winning outfit." Well said, Seacrest! The all-white custom Alex Vinash custom suit was perfect for the occassion, but Porter spilled that it was in the works long before he knew he'd be attending. "It's really odd to have to work on clothes before you're even nominated," he said, adding that the look was three months in the making.

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The custom fit was paired with glitzy Jimmy Choo shoes and Tiffany jewels, and while Porter is all about a moment, he prioritizes comfort, too. "The feathers are fragile, this actually zips off," he said, motioning to the massive feathered skirt and train. The Golden Globes include a sit-down dinner for guests, so that makes total sense.

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I don't know how Porter manages to keep out-slaying himself, but believe me, I'm not complaining! Just applauding, tweeting, and obsessing over every single look.