Justin Bieber recently got emotional talking about Billie Eilish, and Billie Eilish's reaction to Ju...

Billie's Reaction To Justin Crying Over Her Will Make You Love Their Friendship More

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Billie Eilish is living every fangirl's dream. After growing up listening to Justin Bieber, she collaborated with the Biebs himself on a "Bad Guy" remix. Ever since their collab, the pair have become real friends. In a recent Apple Music interview, Bieber even got emotional talking about Eilish, and Billie Eilish's reaction to Justin Bieber crying over her is so pure.

To give you an idea of how big of a Belieber Eilish is, in a November 2018 interview with KROQ radio, Eilish called Bieber her first love. "That was the person I was in love with," she said about her 12-year-old crush. "In my head, he was in love with me. It was like a relationship with a person," she explained.

Eilish met Bieber for the first time during Ariana Grande's set at Coachella 2019, and she was totally starstruck. "I know his body language, I know how he stands, I know where he wears his pants," Eilish told James Corden of their meetup in an episode of Carpool Karaoke, which featured Eilish rapping Ludacris' verse in Bieber's "Baby."

In July 2019, Bieber and Eilish released their "Bad Guy" remix, and the cover art was a picture of Eilish as a kid surrounded by Bieber posters.

The duo has only gotten closer since their collaboration, as seen in Bieber's emotional Apple Music interview. In the clip, the singer revealed he feels very "protective" of Eilish since he can relate to achieving fame at such a young age.

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"It was hard for me being that young and being in the industry and not knowing where to turn and everyone, you know, telling me they love me just turn their back on you in a second," Bieber explained, adding that he'll always be there for Eilish. "If she ever needs me I'm just a call away," he said.

Watch Bieber's emotional interview below.

In a new interview with the Official Big Top 40, Eilish said Bieber called her weeks before the clip came out online to let her know he cried over her. "There was literally no way that actually happened," Eilish thought at the time.

When the interview finally came out, Eilish couldn't help but get emotional. She even showed her parents, and they cried, too. "My mom and I just sobbed. My dad even teared up and he does not tear up. That dude is a stone," she said.

Watch Eilish's reaction to Bieber's message for her below.

Bieber and Eilish are total friendship goals, and fans hope the pair collaborates again someday.