Billie Eilish performs at the 2020 DNC.

Billie Called Out Donald Trump In Her DNC Speech & She Did NOT Hold Back

NurPhoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Billie Eilish is making her voice heard. The "Bad Guy" singer showed face at the 2020 Democratic National Convention on Aug. 19 and treated fans to the first live performance of her latest single. Eilish was clearly there to make an impact, because in addition to debuting the track, Eilish delivered a passionate speech. Billie Eilish's 2020 DNC speech took direct aim at Donald Trump.

Eilish joined a long list of politicians at the convention who, like herself, were rallying for change. In between speeches from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and newly appointed vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, Eilish encouraged her fans to vote in the upcoming election.

"You don't need me to tell you things are a mess," she began. "Donald Trump is destroying our country and everything we care about. We need leaders who will solve problems like climate change and COVID, not deny them. Leaders who will fight against systemic racism and inequality, and that starts by voting for someone who understands how much is at stake, someone who is building a team that shares our values. It starts with voting against Donald Trump and for Joe Biden."

Eilish let fans know the future is in their hands. “Silence is not an option, and we cannot sit this one out," she added. "We all have to vote like our lives and the world depend on it, because they do. The only way to be certain of the future is to make it ourselves."

You can see Eilish's speech from the DNC below.

After giving her speech, Eilish performed "My Future" at the convention alongside her brother FINNEAS. You can see them debut the track live below.

Her appearance at the DNC wasn't the first time Eilish condemned Trump. “I’m pretty worried about [2020],” she told LA Times in December 2019. “I think stupid Trump is probably going to get reelected, and that makes my heart break. You know, some people just love horrible people. It’s weird.”

While some celebrities shy away from addressing politics in the public eye, Eilish is making her feelings crystal clear.