Bill Nye's Cameo In SodaStream's 2020 Super Bowl Commercial is amazing.

SodaStream's Super Bowl Ad Features A Bill Nye Cameo, Because Of Course

Courtesy of SodaStream

SodaStream is set to air a brand new Super Bowl commercial after skipping out on the big game six years in a row. The brand's Super Bowl spot imagines a space mission to Mars, and it features one of your favorite science-minded celebs. Honestly, Bill Nye's cameo in SodaStream's Super Bowl commercial too good.

Ahead of the big game, SodaStream debuted an extended version of its Super Bowl ad on YouTube on Thursday, Jan. 30. Alongside a fictional astronaut team and a real 18-year-old female astronaut, Bill Nye, your favorite "Science Guy," makes an appearance in the SodaStream Super Bowl commercial that imagines NASA discovering water on Mars. The commercial begins with two astronauts exploring what's supposed to be Mars. Encouraged by their commander at the control center, they're on a mission to locate some water on the planet. In the imagined scene, a TV news anchor announces, "Scientists have confirmed signs of water on Mars." The commercial then cuts back to the Mars mission, and the astronauts collect a sample from a puddle of water, exciting their colleagues back at Mission Control, and, of course, Bill Nye.

In the short clip, the "Science Guy" looks the same as always, making an appearance from behind his desk — bow tie and all. "This changes everything," Nye exclaims. Even though Nye only has a four-word line, his mix of astonishment and excitement will get you pumped for when astronauts might actually find water on Mars. TBH, the whole cameo is so quick, you may want to rewatch it a few times.

Courtesy of SodaStream

After Nye's scene, the astronauts bottle the water and celebrate their victory together with Misson Control. It's referred to in the commercial as "the discovery of a lifetime." But just as the astronauts are about to leave, they hear a strange noise coming from behind them. To their horror, one of their teammates is using the Mars water with a SodaStream machine, and before they can say anything, he drinks it down.

"That was the Mars water," the woman astronaut says. But the man, whose apparently named Mark, basically shrugs it off and says, "Oh, I thought it said Mark's water." Ha! Thankfully, water (aside from ice) hasn't been found on Mars yet, so no actual Mars water was sipped as a refreshing soda during the commercial.

You'll also catch a glimpse of 18-year-old Alyssa Carson, the youngest astronaut currently training to go to Mars, in the spot. You can see her sitting at the table (on the right side) with the other astronauts at the 38-second mark.

The commercial ends by stating the brand's hope to eliminate more than 60 billion single-use plastic bottles to help curb plastic pollution. Why? So that Earth-dwellers won't have to seek out another planet to inhabit.