Payton Hobart sings in 'The Politician'

Yes, Ben Platt Sings Again In 'The Politician' Season 2, So Get Ready To SOB


The Politician may seem far from reality at times, but the emotions of the characters feel realistic AF. One of the ways fans especially connect to the feelings shown onscreen is through songs featured in the series, especially when it's the characters performing them. In the final episode of The Politician Season 2, Ben Platt's cover of "Corner Of The Sky" is a perfect example of this... if you can even watch it through your tears.

In Season 1, Payton brought tears to viewers' eyes when he sang a heartfelt rendition of "River" by Joni Mitchell, to honor his friend who died. He also had a powerful duet with Zoey Deutch's Infinity in Episode 6. Then, in final episode of the season, he sang a moving cover of "Vienna" in a piano bar.

Warning: Spoilers for The Politician Season 2 follow. There weren't as many musical moments throughout Season 2, but two did come in the season's final episode, when Hobart delivered back-to-back heartfelt vocal and piano performances. First, there was the performance of "Run Away," a Ben Platt original from his debut album Sing To Me Instead. When the audience of the piano bar cheered for an encore, Hobart approached the ivories once again to perform a moving rendition of "Corner Of The Sky" from the 1972 musical Pippin.

The song is a perfect choice for Payton's situation at the time, as the lyrics' meanings seem to represent his political ambitions and need to find his place in life: "Rivers belong where they can ramble/Eagles belong where they can fly," Payton belted on the show. "I've got to be where my spirit can run free/Gotta find my corner of the sky."

There were two key people watching Payton perform this ballad: the New York State Senate incumbent Dede Standish (Judith Light) and her chief of staff Hadassah Gold (Bette Midler), who had come to the bar to blow off some steam before Payton and Dede's election tiebreaker.

"They say you learn more from your enemies than you do for your friends," he announced to the room, before dedicating the performance of "Corner In The Sky" to his political opponents. The rendition was so moving and earnest, it led to Dede conceding to him in the election.

Fans of Platt know these singing skills didn't come out of nowhere. He started his career in a national tour of the musical Caroline, or Change, then went on to a star in Pitch Perfect, drew major attention as Elder Cunningham in The Book Of Mormon, and won a Tony Award for his performance in the musical Dear Evan Hansen in 2017.

If political life doesn't work out for Hobart, it's pretty safe to assume showbiz would welcome him with open arms.

The Politician Season 2 is on Netflix now.