Bella Hadid's Hair Just Got, Like, 10x Blonder, According To Instagram

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As someone who recently opted for a lighter balayage to embrace a more summery look myself, I'm all for celebs doing the same and going blonder this summer. That said, there are some celebrities I would've never expected to go full-on blonde, and I've always counted one half of the Hadid sisters as part of this list. Nevertheless, Bella Hadid's new blonde hair is giving naturally-blonde sister Gigi's strands a run for their money — Bella's hair isn't quite as light, but it looks just as fierce. Quick, someone book this sibling duo for a purple conditioner ad campaign, stat!

Because Bella Hadid's Instagram feed is often filled with photos from various modeling campaigns and shoots, it's not often that she posts what she looks like in the current moment. She does treat fans to a selfie every now and then, but for the most part, it's hard to determine if a brunette photo posted on any particular day came from a recent photoshoot or one shot months ago that's just now been released. That's why fans (Myself included!) were so shocked to see her post debuting lighter dirty blonde strands a few months back, which she said were inspired by photographer and friend Mert Alas.

Now, according to her Instagram Story, it appears the model has gone even blonder:

Bella Hadid/Instagram

Holy blonde! It looks like Hadid has really upped the ante on her balayage, as her once dark but light-tipped strands are now more than two-thirds blonde.

Click through to the ninth photo in this carousel to see her new color in even more detail:

And in case you need a refresher, here's a look at Bella's usual dark brunette hair, pictured here in 2018:

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What a difference! She really pulls off both looks, am I right? I wonder if the balayage is here to stay, or if Hadid is slowly but surely working her way to a full head of blonde hair a la her sister, Gigi.

It's worth noting that Gigi's usually bright-blonde strands have been getting darker as Bella's lighten up. Maybe they're doing a full-on hair color swap?

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

TBH, I hope so, because that would be kind of iconic. I'm so used to associating Gigi and Bella as "the blonde one" and "the brunette one" respectively, so to change that up would be a pretty big deal.

Hopefully, Gigi has been giving Bella tips on how to maintain a beautiful blonde hair color in the summer:

Bella Hadid/Instagram

There are tons of things to keep in mind when going blonde for summer, as improper care can have even the most beachy, beautiful color looking brassy in a short amount of time. Toning products are essential, and something like the Living Proof Color Care Whipped Glaze ($29, that has a slightly purple tint will ensure your blonde stays vibrant and true to your shade.

If purple toning products aren't enough, Bella or any other faux-blonde can opt for at-home glazes that deposit color and revive that fresh-from-the-salon look in just a few uses. Someone with Bella's blonde in particular might like the Leonor Greyl Soin Repigmentant in Venetian Blonde ($65,, a nourishing conditioner that deposits warm color pigments suited to dark, golden, or strawberry blondes with every use. If you're hoping for a slightly ashier, cool-toned effect, the luxe brand also carries a purple version called Icy Blonde.

If you want my best guess, I'm thinking Bella will go blonde and blonder this summer, until we see a full-on platinum Hadid come August. No matter what hair color she opts for, though, one thing's for sure: She'll look gorgeous!