Bella Hadid's Hair Just Got Even Blonder & Shorter — Like, It's A Full-On Bob

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Hi, Bella Hadid's hair is once again different, further confirming that she is as indecisive about hairstyles during Fashion Month as I am about ice cream flavors during my time of the month. No one asked, I'm sorry. Anyway, Bella Hadid's new blonde bob looks in-freaking-credible, and TBH, at this point I hardly miss the dark brown strands I mourned when she first started lightening her locks. I'm here for blonde Bella, and even more here for blonde, bobbed Bella! Little by little, the model's hair has been getting shorter and shorter, and blonder and blonder, but I think she might've finally nailed a look that needs no more tweaking.

When Bella Hadid started going blonde early this summer, I admit I was not exactly in favor of the change. I loved the whole brunette-sister, blonde-sister thing she and Gigi had going on, and I wasn't sure I'd be into her light-haired look! That said, I've been obsessed with her new strands, so when I heard she got another new cut and color this week, I was over the moon to see the change.

Let's take a walk down memory lane, starting with Bella's brunette past:

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Hadid teased her lighter strands on social media, but when she debuted them for real on the runway at Brandon Maxwell, I was shook:

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Is this not the prettiest picture ever taken? Of anyone, ever? I almost made it my background, not gonna lie:

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bella's long blonde hair was a serious mood, and I felt sure she'd leave it as is for the rest of Fashion Month:

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However, she was even blonder at the Zendaya x Tommy Hilfiger show, and her medium-length strands looked a little more lob-like:

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When she pulled her hair back on the Savage X carpet and let her dark roots take the lead, I felt certain she was over the blonde, and would be back to brunette any day now:

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LOL, boy, was I wrong. Turns out, Hadid's hair is even shorter and blonder now, and her new blunt bob is truly beyond chic.

Here she is walking the runway for Burberry, with straight strands that hit a few inches below her chin:

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Her ends are much lighter than her blonde debut at Brandon Maxwell, but the dark root melt helps the color look far more natural:


Next, her new bob featured a slight bend at the Alberta Ferretti show, and OMG, it gave me such Daisy Buchanan vibes. Anyone else?


If you don't know who Daisy Buchanan is, please go re-read The Great Gatsby. Anyway, blonde, bobbed Bella is officially my new favorite type of Hadid. She looks incredible! Fingers crossed she's got a hairstylist on duty 24/7 for trims and touch-ups to ensure that the blunt cut stays looking perfect.

Of course, this isn't the shortest Hadid has ever gone — her 2019 Met Gala pixie cut was everything:

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Still, September 2019 Bella looks virtually nothing like September 2018 Bella, and I mean that in the best way possible. Both versions and hair colors are gorgeous, but I'm happy to see Hadid leaving her comfort zone and trying out a new look. Celebs have access to the best glam squads in the world, after all — I say, use them to your advantage and try out some new lewks!