Bebe Rexha's "De-Glamming" Process Sounds Even More Involved Than Her Glam Process — EXCLUSIVE

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Odds are, you've read plenty of stories about a celebrity's laborious glamming process: how long it takes, how to get their signature look, the products they use, their makeup artist's tips — the list goes on. However, have you ever considered how long the "de-glamming" process takes, especially after a long day filming on set or a huge performance? When I learn Bebe Rexha's "de-glamming" process as we chat before her performance at JBL Audio's JBL Fest in Las Vegas, I'm truly shocked to hear it. It sounds even more involved than her glamming process.

"We get glammed up, and we have a de-glamming process. We don't just get off," Rexha tells Elite Daily exclusively. So what exactly does "de-glamming" entail for Rexha, you ask? Much more than just swiping a makeup remover wipe across your face, that's for sure. Rexha gets her whole glam team involved.

"My hair girl will help take the extensions out, and we'll put a mask on my hair. We'll spray it down so much and keep it in overnight. Then, the next morning when I wake up, we wash out the treatments," says the singer. Since Rexha has blonde processed hair, it needs a little extra TLC, especially after using hot tools, products, and extensions. Rexha says she opts for a deep conditioning mask from SheaMoisture.

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Rest assured, the de-glamming process doesn't stop with a hair mask. When it comes to removing her makeup each night on tour, Rexha's makeup artist steps in to assist. "We do a full-on thing where we take everything off. We do a whole toning, washing, exfoliating, like everything," she says, adding that she finishes off her nightly skincare regimen with a nighttime cream from Origins.

Rexha also calls out La Mer's Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation ($120, Sephora) and Summer Fridays' Jet Lag Mask ($48, Sephora) as being key players in her skincare routine that help keep breakouts at bay when a full glam nearly every day attempts to wreak havoc on her skin. "The Jet Lag cream is a lifesaver. You can use it as a mask, or you can use it as a cream. I put it on as a moisturizer, it's life-changing," she says. "I've put makeup on my face everyday since the beginning of August, full beats everyday, and I have not one pimple."

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As much as we look to celebrities for beauty tips and tricks and try to replicate their getting ready processes and makeup routines, it's rare to hear exactly how a celebrity gets "un-ready." After talking with Rexha, her de-glamming process supports the notion that it's equally as important as, if not more important than the glamming process. Why? Well, because getting "un-ready" clearly keeps Rexha's hair and skin ready to go for the long days of glam ahead of her. If that's not the perfect reminder to cleanse your face at the end of even the longest days, I don't know what is.