Bebe Rexha's Biggest Beauty Tip Involves Using This One Product Daily — EXCLUSIVE

by Kelsi Zimmerman
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If you follow Bebe Rexha on Instagram, then you likely came for the music but stayed for her edgy, stylish vibes. And if you've been paying really close attention, you've probably noticed that the 29-year-old is almost always rockin' a long, blinged-out mani. So it's no surprise that the singer teamed up with nail polish brand SinfulColors to create a collection of eight jewel-toned polishes that have a beautiful crushed velvet-inspired finish. I got to chat with Rexha all about the new collection, her classic-edgy style that helped to inspire the shades, her best beauty tip that most people probably don't know about and much more.

While Rexha's known for her bleach-blonde hair, it's probably not surprising to you that it's not her natural hue. Instead, she has naturally dark brown-almost-black hair. Unfortunately, the process of lightening hair to the point Rexha has can cause serious damage to the bonding of the hair shaft and ultimately lead to dry, brittle strands and breakage. So, she uses one product regularly that's been a game-changer in keeping her hair healthy. "I have bleach blonde hair, so I kind of have to really take care of my hair. So when I’m not out and about and people don’t see me, I’m most likely always, always, always in a hair mask," Rexha tells Elite Daily exclusively. "I’m in a hair mask every other day, just because I feel like that’s the only way to really save my hair."

She even shared in a recent Instagram video that one of her go-to hair masks is the SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Mask ($3.49, Ulta). Clearly, that mask is working some magic, because Rexha's hair always looks bomb.

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While hair masks do serious work to restore damaged strands, a lot more work goes into keeping super bleached hair healthy. Rexha adds that another way she's done so is by staying away from hot tools — when she's styling her own hair and when she's getting it professionally styled for a show, shoot, or any other event. "For me, I never usually put heat to my hair. It’s very rare," she says. "My hair is either done with fingers when it’s wet or sometimes I’ll get a blow dry in."

When she does opt for the wet look, her stylists have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, all of which go easy on her hair. "If you want a wet look — a kind of curly wet look, kind of scrunchy — I’ll use a leave-in conditioner, and it actually works incredible. There’s a lot of cool stuff that we do," she says. Using a leave-in conditioner not only makes the hair look damp, but it also hydrates and treats her locks at the same time.

While Rexha's on top of keeping her hair healthy and looking fresh, she's just as focused on making sure her nails look great, too — making a point to choose a nail look that can be worn with almost any outfit, for any occasion. That's why, when it came to came to designing the SinfulColors Velvet Obsession Collection, she went with hues that match her go-to, classic-meets-grunge style.

"I wanted to create something that was a good in between classic and grunge because you can wear anything with it," she says of the nude, pink, dark blue, deep green, dark purple, and deep red shades included in the collection. "You can go out to dinner in a nice, black, simple outfit, and then, I can go on stage and I can wear leather. I can wear [them] in any environment."

Rexha says she's tried a lot of nail ~trends~ in the past and isn't afraid of a little nail design or bling. However, she always goes back to basics with classic colors and designs. "I’m a very classic type of girl. I feel like a lot of times nail trends come and go [but] I stick to my classics," says the "Meant To Be" singer. "The black, the red, the nude ... I’ve tried a lot of fun things but my favorite [nail look] is always a classic to be honest."

As for the shape of her nails, Rexha isn't afraid to rock a long, almond-shaped nail, and, surprisingly enough, she says she isn't one who struggles to do everyday tasks because of her long nails. "Lately, I’ve been having much longer nails — super long — but I usually like to go for no-too-long or not-too-short," she says. "I did have long nails for a while. I get used to it; I can do anything."

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Rexha's new collection with SinfulColors makes her the most recent celebrity to team up with the brand. She joins the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Kylie Jenner, who've also designed nail polish collections with SinfulColors. But this collection is just the beginning of a long list of upcoming products the star is working on in the fashion and beauty space. Although the New York native couldn't get into much detail, she asserts that she's working on projects that'll appeal to all people. "I’m working on a lot of different things that focus on inclusivity," she says. "The main thing for me is all types of women, females, even men, guys, being able to express themselves no matter what size they are, what shape they are, or where they come from. I just think being able to express yourself is super important."

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If you want to get your hands on Rexha's polishes, all of which are affordably priced at just $3 a polish, be sure to check out the Bebe Rexha x SinfulColors Collection at your local Walmart on Thursday, Aug. 1, and then later in the month.

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