You Can Get $1.50 Ice Cream Scoops At Baskin-Robbins On NYE For A Sweet Celebration

As 2018 draws to a close, you might be busy picking out a New Year's Eve outfit, confirming party plans, or just checking the refrigerator to make sure you have a bottle of bubble ready for a midnight toast. While all of that is important for your celebrations, you should also make note of a pretty sweet deal happening at your fave ice cream spot on Dec. 31. Yep, Baskin-Robbins is selling $1.50 ice cream New Year's Eve 2018, and it is the best way to end the year on a sweet note.

Now, you might think that this deal is in honor of bidding adieu to 2018, but it just so happens that Baskin-Robbins has this delicious discount available on the 31st of any month with 31 days in it. As part of the chain's "Celebrate 31" promotion — a nod to it's "31 Flavors" moniker — all regular and kid-sized scoops are just $1.50, according to a Dec. 3 Baskin-Robbins press release. The promotion ran all though 2018, per a January 2018 press release, so it's fitting that on Dec. 31, ice cream fans can close out the year with a $1.50 scoop of whatever flavor they like best.

In other good news, the Flavor of the Month for December, Caramel Cappuccino Cheesecake, is on offer in the deal, so you can get one last bite of the limited-time scoop.

Need a little more convincing to go the seasonal route when you order your cup or cone with the $1.50 deal? According to the press release announcing the flavor back in early December, Caramel Cappuccino Cheesecake features two flavored ice creams: coffee and cheesecake. Then, those mixed flavors are filled with cheesecake pieces and little bits of cappuccino toffee. Finally, the decadent flavor is completed with a swirl of salted caramel mixed right in. TBH, a scoop of this stuff for $1.50 is the only NYE plan I need this year.

Baskin-Robbins isn't only crushing it in the delicious limited-time flavors department, though. To kick off the holiday season back in early December, the ice cream chain also announced a new offering that may have made an appearance at some of your holiday gatherings this month. The new Red Velvet Cake Roll was a new addition to the holiday 2018 lineup of treats, and with cream cheese-flavored ice cream rolled up in cocoa-flavored red velvet cake, it was the perfect fit for any dessert table. Heck, you could even possibly snag any Red Velvet Cake Rolls still being sold at Baskin-Robbins stores and online for your NYE bash or New Year's Day get-together.

Of course, this was a seasonal offering, so its availability on Dec. 31 will be dependent on that, but it won't hurt to ask if the store has any left, since you'll be there picking up your $1.50 scoop anyhow.

While this is a sweet NYE deal, you might be wondering what you can get a bargain on in the new year. Well, 7-Eleven has you covered with 19-cent coffee and bottled water on Jan. 1. It might not be as sweet as ice cream, but you'll definitely be craving some hydration come New Year's Day, so go ahead and bookmark this deal, too.

First things first, though, snag your $1.50 scoop of ice cream on Monday, Dec. 31 to kick off your NYE with a tasty sugar rush. With a little help from your favorite flavor, you'll be awake to count down to the new year at midnight.