You Can Get 19-Cent Coffee & Water At 7-Eleven On New Year's Day For A Necessary Pick-Me-Up

It's almost New Year's Eve, folks! If you have party plans, are trying to stay up later than usual to watch the ball drop, or are hoping to get a New Year's Eve kiss from your crush, you'll most likely wake up on New Year's Day a little tired and groggy from the festivities. But worry not because 7-Eleven has you covered with some cheap essentials to help you bounce right back from your exhaustion, so you can start 2019 on a strong note. 7-Eleven is selling 19 cent coffee and water on Jan. 1, so you won't have to start the new year shelling out big bucks for a caffeine fix.

In a bit of good news for anyone planning on watching the clock strike midnight on New Year's Eve, 7-Eleven is offering deep discounts on two morning favorites. On Jan. 1, 2019 beginning at 12:01 a.m. local time, convince store chain 7-Eleven will be selling cups of coffee and bottles of water for only 19 cents until 11:59 p.m. local time, according the Convenience Store Decisions website. But to participate in the deal, you have to be a member of 7-Eleven's reward program, 7Rewards. Per the site, for just 19 cents, customers can get a medium cup of fresh-brewed coffee or a one-liter bottle of 7-Select Pure water.

Customers can also count that cup of coffee towards 7Rewards' "Buy Six, Get the Seventh Free" drink offer. 7Rewards has a lot of perks in addition to discounted coffee and cheap water. To use it, you register online or sign up on the mobile app and every time you make a purchase, you earn points. One dollar is equal to 10 points and points equal rewards like free food, snacks, and drinks. Some qualifying purchases even let you earn bonus points. According to the website, 7-Eleven offers rewards at four tiers: 800 points, 1200 points, 1500 points, and 2000 points and rewards can range from a free Slurpee to a fresh sandwich from the deli.

Discounted water and coffee isn't 7-Eleven's only deal. On Dec. 30, 2018, you can order an entire pizza from the convenience chain for one dollar. That's right, the four quarters wedged between your couch cushion will literally buy you a whole oven-baked pizza from 7-Eleven. Customers can get up to two pizzas per order through 7-Eleven's delivery service, 7Now so if the company delivers in your area, you're totally in luck. If this is your first time hearing about or using 7Now, you may also be eligible to get your first three deliveries totally free, per an official 7-Eleven promotion. But you have to act fast because the First Three Deliveries Free Program ends Dec. 31, 2018, regardless of the date you placed your first order — so get that $1 pizza quickly and maybe add a few more things for free delivery!

In 2018, there are so many ways to shop at 7-Eleven and take advantage of their their deals or just re-up classic faves like Slurpees and Beef Taquitos. Customers can visit physical stores, get food delivered via 7Now, and even shop their 7-Eleven favorites on Amazon where the two companies have paired up to offer customers all the goodness of the convenience store from the comfort of home.

Regardless of how your New Year's Eve goes and New Year's Day starts, 7-Eleven will be there for you with open arms and the cheapest coffee around.