I'm Swooning At Barack Obama's Valentine's Post To Michelle

by Lilli Petersen
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Leave it to our 44th president to manage to still be suave AF about his wife of nearly three decades. On Feb. 14, Barack Obama posted a sweet Valentine's Day message to Michelle, thanking her for being his favorite dance partner for the past 25-plus years. Don't anyone dare cut in, this is a special moment.

While the former first couple is known for being affectionate in public, it's always nice when they give the rest of us a little insight into their personal relationship. The pair, who have been married since 1992, will usually give a little public shoutout to their other half on birthdays, anniversaries, and (obviously) Valentine's Day. For the holiday this year, the former president shared an adorable tribute to his partner in life, the White House, and the dance floor. "Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever dance partner, @MichelleObama," he wrote on both Instagram and Twitter. The photo accompanying the caption was a snapshot of the couple looking at each other mid-dance move, with Michelle seeming like she's enjoying the music, while Barack wears the face universal to everyone who's a little embarrassed at what they're dancing to, but has no intention of stopping.

Most important of all? Michelle looks really good in the photo. Mr. President, you know your priorities.

It's extra cute because the Obamas are notoriously ready to bust a move when given the opportunity. The pair took a spin with a 106-year-old White House visitor in 2016, was seen dancing to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' at that same year's White House Halloween celebration (I'm impressed they knew the choreography), and Barack showed off some solo moves while visiting family members in Kenya in 2018. Heck, just about half of Ellen DeGeneres' tribute to the Obamas in 2017 was just one or the other dancing around.

The former president clearly has an appreciation for his lady's dance moves, too. For his Valentine's Day post in 2019, he also brought up Michelle's moves on the floor. "It’s true; she does get down to Motown," he wrote last year on a post of another photo of Michelle dancing.

For her part, Michelle posted her own 2020 tribute to Barack, as well as the couple's two children. Earlier on Feb. 14, she posted a throwback photo of Barack, with daughters Sasha and Malia, laughing and making snow angels in some deep drifts. "Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves. You make even the coldest days feel warm," she wrote.

With these kinds of social media posts to set an example, I think everyone's feeling warm and fuzzy now.