I Dare Your Heart Not To Burst When You See Barack Obama's Sweet Christmas Tweet

Jessica McGowan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a tweet from former President Barack Obama? While the Obama family (including former first pooches Bo and Sunny) is no longer in the White House, it's still nice of them to share holiday greetings with the country. Barack Obama's Christmas 2018 tweet is all about the importance of spending holidays with your loved ones, and in his case, that person is none other than first lady Michelle Obama. Get ready to swoon, friends.

Obama kicked off the holiday festivities early, sharing a photo of himself and Michelle together in what appears to be their home on the morning of Dec. 25. The picture shows the pair standing under mistletoe, as Obama plants a kiss on her cheek while she blushes, smiling from ear to ear. The caption reads, "Enjoy the holiday season with the ones you love. Michelle and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!"


Last year, Obama tweeted out a picture of himself, Michelle Obama, and daughters Malia and Sasha Obama posing with some adorable kids in elf costumes (make sure to peep the one making a funny face). The caption read, "On behalf of the Obama family, Merry Christmas! We wish you joy and peace this holiday season."

Can we just look at how adorable this photo is:

The internet agreed that Obama's 2017 Christmas tweet was pretty on point. In fact, per Newsweek, it even racked up more action than President Donald Trump's. Trump's 2017 Christmas tweet was about a two-minute video message from himself and Melania Trump (I guess son Barron and the rest of the kids weren't in on it) wishing "America and the entire world a very Merry Christmas." It was captioned "Merry Christmas," in all caps. As of the afternoon on Christmas Day, the tweet had about 128,000 likes and more than 34,000 retweets, per Newsweek. Meanwhile, Obama's tweet rang in at a whopping 724,000 likes and more than 149,000 tweets.

I wonder how many likes and retweets Trump's Christmas message will score this year, seeing as how a recent report said he might hate Christmas — or at least Christmas parties. On Dec. 19, Intelligencer reported that Trump is not the biggest fan of his holiday-themed presidential duties, including Christmas parties. While the sources couldn't offer up an exact reason, one former staffer suggested the reason the president doesn't like holiday parties is because they're "not about him." The source reportedly added, "If it were about him, he’d love it. Christmas is not about him." Elite Daily reached out to the White House for further comment on the report, but did not immediately hear back.

If you, for some reason, feel bad that the president is reportedly not all that happy this time of year, you can head to to sign the official first family Christmas card and "Wish President Trump, First Lady Melania, and the rest of the First Family a Merry Christmas." Although, judging by how it turned out last year, it might not raise his spirits.

Last holiday season, the White House thought that it would be a nice initiative to let the nation sign a virtual card for the first family. However, where it might have gone wrong is allowing people to not only sign their name, but to write in a personal message. Naturally, the card instantly became a hot topic on Twitter, with users filling out less-than-jolly messages for the Trumps.

So maybe Trump's Christmas day tweet didn't get the traction he was hoping for, but he still managed to pull off some Twitter fame that month. Will it happen again? Hey, it's 2018. Anything could be in the cards.