Bad Bunny & Gabriela Berlingeri's Relationship Timeline Is Mysterious

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Fans are pretty shocked to learn Bad Bunny has a girlfriend, but even more shocking is the fact that he and his GF have reportedly been dating for years. TBH, Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri's relationship timeline is largely a mystery, since the two didn't go public until nearly three years after they first met. The Puerto Rican singer and rapper was even romantically linked to Rosalía back in April 2019 after they engaged in some online flirtation, but it seems as though that romance was only ever a rumor. Luckily, El Conejo Malo and Berlingeri decided they're done keeping their love on the down-low, and now there's no doubt about his relationship status.

Ever since Berlingeri was photographed with Bad Bunny at an NBA game in Feb. 2020, fans have been eager to learn more about the Puerto Rican model and jewelry designer. It wasn't until Rolling Stone's June 2020 cover story dropped on May 26 that Bad Bunny finally revealed some deets about their hush-hush relationship. I still have no idea why the couple decided to keep their adorable love hidden from the public for so long, but now that they're public, here's everything I know about their relationship so far.

They Met In April 2017

During his interview for Rolling Stone's June 2020 cover story, Bad Bunny revealed that he and Berlingeri met in April 2017, soon after the singer reportedly ended his five-year relationship with Carliz de la Cruz. "It was after I sang at a Zion and Lennox concert, here in Puerto Rico," he said of their first meeting. "I met her at some restaurant, while I was eating with my parents and my brothers. We started talking and from there, we continued to see each other."

They Attended A Miami Heat Game In February 2020
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The two kept their relationship totally private for nearly three years, so it's not clear whether they were together that whole time. However, the world became aware of their relationship after photos of them sitting courtside at a Miami Heat game surfaced on Feb. 28. Just about a week later, Berlingeri made her first appearance on Bad Bunny's IG. (Scroll all the way to the last pic to see their selfie.)

Bad Bunny Confirmed He's In Love In March 2020

During an early March interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bad Bunny made a confession: He's in love. Though he didn't say who had captured his heart, he did open up about what he looks for in a relationship. "The most important thing is to always be yourself, be open and honest," he said. "Because when you pretend to be someone you're not, the relationship won't work at the end of the day."

That same month, Bad Bunny and Berlingeri started quarantining together at an Airbnb in Puerto Rico. On March 19, Bad Bunny posted a goofy IG video of him and his rumored GF from "Day 5" of quarantine, showing them dancing, arm wrestling, and playing Jenga while "Canción del Coronavirus" plays in the background. In his Rolling Stone interview, Bad Bunny confessed, "This quarantine has made me understand that she is the best companion I could have."

They Became IG Official In April 2020

On April 2, Bad Bunny decided to clear up any remaining doubt about his relationship status. The singer took to IG to share a clip of himself in a passionate lip-lock with Berlingeri while dressed in drag for his "Yo Perreo Sola" music video. His cheeky caption: "Sorry but I had to do it."

They Collaborated In May 2020

On May 10, Bad Bunny unexpectedly dropped his new album, Las Que No Iban A Salir, which loosely translates to The Ones That Were Not Coming Out. One of the songs on the album, "En Casita," includes a cameo from Berlingeri, which — according to Bad Bunny's Rolling Stone interview — they recorded together while in quarantine.

Just a few weeks later, his Rolling Stone cover story was published, including an intimate series of photos taken by Berlingeri, who also shot the cover. "I wanted to highlight all my favorite things about him," she said of the photoshoot. "I want people to notice his lips. His skin. His eyes. I find him so beautiful." My heart!

Keep on looking cute, you two. In the meantime, I'll attempt to come up with your celebrity couple name. (Gab Bunny?!)

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