BABE Wine's Election Night Survival Kit features a pillow to scream into, wine, tissues, and more.

BABE Wine's Election Night Survival Kit Is Jam-Packed With #Necessary Goodies

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The 2020 election has already begun, with millions of people heading to the polls to cast their ballot early, and others opting to mail theirs in. But the experience doesn't stop the second you receive a sticker that says, "I Voted." Election night, which takes place on Nov. 3, can be a celebration and waiting game all at once as you and your friends chill at home and tune into the final results. BABE Wine's Election Night Survival Kit will be the MVP of the night, as it's jam-packed with goodies that'll get you through a boatload of emotions.

The moment you get home from turning in your ballot in person (if you choose to vote this way, of course), this kit will have a cleverly-labeled bottle of red wine ready to be poured by you and your housemates, in addition to other relatable treats you'll want to have by your side. It'll remind you to celebrate participating in this major national event and acknowledging that your individual voice matters.

So grab your credit card as soon as possible and add BABE Wine's Election Night Survival Kit to your shopping cart. The details on what's included in the kit are all here.


This survival kit truly covers the emotional bases. If you purchase one, you'll be treated to a long list of goodies, including a pink stress ball to squeeze, tissues to wipe any tears, and a relatable pillow that reads, "Scream Here." Since there may still be ballots rolling in a few days past election night, this pillow might come in the handy the most while you wait for a trusted media organization to call the race.

Whether you're intently watching the electoral college count or switching in between the maps and a romantic comedy, a glass of wine might be #essential. BABE's survival kit includes a four-pack of BABE rosé to enjoy with your housemates. It also has a bottle of BABE's special election-themed wine with a label that reads, "Polls Closing. Bottles Opening." Open up this nice blend when you get home from the polls or when you kick back in front of your TV.

Starting to think you need this? Same. The entire kit will be available to purchase for $30 on the BABE Wine website starting Thursday, Oct. 22. Once you see this package at your door, bring it inside and prepare for Nov. 3. Election night is almost here, and BABE Wine has your back.

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