Ayesha Curry Talks COVERGIRL's Outlast Nudes Lipsticks, Her Dream Hair Change, & More — EXCLUSIVE

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If there’s one beauty brand that has worked to redefine what it means to be both feminine and a feminist, strong yet sensitive, and beautiful on the inside and out, it’s COVERGIRL. An absolute cover girl herself, Ayesha Curry talked COVERGIRL’s Outlast Nudes lipsticks, why they’re ideal for women of every color, and so much more about beauty with Elite Daily.

Curry is not only an actress, celebrity cook, and mom of two, but she’s also a makeup fiend. “I have always used makeup to express the confidence I feel within, so joining this campaign felt like an amazing opportunity to encourage other girls and women to do the same,” Curry tells Elite Daily in an exclusive interview, referencing COVERGIRL's #IAMWHATIMAKEUP initiative, which encourages people to "be unapologetically you." “To me, the #IAMWHATIMAKEUP campaign really celebrates what makeup gives us — the chance to express ourselves — and there is no better feeling than being comfortable in your own skin, letting what you feel on the inside shine on the outside.”

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Speaking of shining on the outside, Curry also revealed her thoughts on COVERGIRL’s newest launch, The Outlast Nudes Lip Collection ($15, Amazon), which leaves lips looking plump and shiny without the goopy mess. Featuring seven nude shades to perfectly align with unique skin tones/undertones, the Outlast Nudes Collection enhances the natural color of the lip, whatever it is, rather than masking it — something Curry really appreciates about the collection.

"The term 'nude' means so many different things to so many people. Nude is not beige — nude is whatever nude means to any specific person," she says. "More now than ever, we are seeing people express that they don’t want to be boxed in to one category. I think it’s so great that COVERGIRL really dug in and utilized color science to create nude shades that are designed to complement a variety of skin tones and undertones — light to dark and cool to warm."

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Luckily, Curry says, the brand has taken a lot of the guess work out of choosing which nude shade aligns best with your skin tone. "You just take your skin tone range and your undertone (for me, it would be medium warm), and voila!” she explains. “Those are the shade names, and it’s super easy, giving [people] the opportunity to find a shade that actually complements their tones.”

She's right, though. All you need to choose the prime shade is to have an idea of your own skin tone and undertone — whether it’s light warm, deep cool, or something in between — and pick the shade name that corresponds with that. The new launch comes in a two-pack: one tube with the lip color, and the other one including a topcoat formulated with sunflower seed oil. The lip colors last up to 24 hours, and the topcoat helps to prevent dryness from the kiss-proof, food-proof, and transfer-resistant lip color.

That said, it's become a staple for Curry, especially when she's going out for the night. “My go-to going out look involves a brownish/bronze shade all over the lid, lots of lashes, heavy contour, and my COVERGIRL Nude lip,” says Curry.

Photo Courtesy of COVERGIRL

When it comes to finding inspo for whatever makeup look she's going for on a given day, the COVERGIRL star loves to build her looks based on images she finds on Instagram. “I use Instagram for inspiration all the time, and [I] think it’s a great idea-starter for determining a look,” she says.

Though you can find her scrolling through Insta to get some makeup inspiration, Curry already has a pretty solid idea as to what she might do with her hair one day. When asked what big beauty change she would make if she could, she says, “I would go blonde and cut my hair as an asymmetrical bob.”

With a mix of Jamaican, Chinese, Polish, and African-American ancestry, Curry is a self-proclaimed “passionate dual citizen,” and is proud of her heritage. No matter what look she's rocking, she exudes confidence, and she urges her two daughters to emulate that same mentality, too. “I teach my daughters that beauty starts on the inside, and that when you own your individuality and find beauty looks that express who you are, you’re unstoppable!”

Here's hoping we can all take this same mindset all the way through 2019 and beyond.