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The Week Of August 10 Will Feel Like Freedom For These 3 Signs


When you think of summer, you probably think of gorgeous days spent hanging out by the pool, doing exciting things with your friends, and creating lasting memories. When the sun is in Leo, the astrological energy reflects everything summer is all about. Leo is connected to your inner-child; the part of you that simply wants to come out and play. So do yourself a favor and get back in touch with all those hobbies and interests you may have set aside — especially if you're someone with an Aries, Cancer, or Leo placement. Why? August 10, 2020 will be the best week for those zodiac signs.

However, you should know just because it's Leo season doesn't mean it's all good vibes, and you may want to prepare for unexpected inconveniences and pulls toward the dark side. With Mercury — planet of communication and thought — forming a square with unpredictable Uranus on August 10, it may be difficult to follow a rigid plan, so be receptive to random opportunities that deviate from the norm. You might also want to think twice before you say the wrong thing, as you're more likely to accidentally spill the beans. When Mars — planet of aggression and purpose — squares off with dramatic and controlling Pluto on Aug. 13, you may feel extremely competitive and willing to do whatever it takes to prove yourself. This energy can be incredibly motivating. It can also be destructive if you're focusing on the wrong thing or allowing your ego to consume you.

Even though the cosmos are going wild this week, these zodiac signs will still come out on top.

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Here's why:

Aries: You're Feeling A Powerful Pull Toward Self-Improvement

You've been in a very ambitious and motivated state of mind lately. After all, Mars — your ruling planet — has been in your first house of the self, concentrating all of its energy directly onto you. This week, that pull towards victory and success may drive you to take drastic measures. You're pushing harder on the gas, taking bigger risks, and proving anyone who ever doubted you wrong. It feels good being this successful, Aries. Just remember what your true goal is. It should be a deeper goal than just winning or being number one.

Cancer: You're Basking In The Blushing Glow Of Self-Love

Your Venus return is fully activated, Cancer. Venus is the planet of luxury, love, romance, and all the finer things in life. Venus has been in your zodiac sign since last week and you're starting to take in all the benefits of this beautiful transit. You may even feel like doing your makeup, taking more time to pick out an outfit, or showering yourself with praise and compliments. Other people are starting to notice how attractive you are as well, Cancer. Prepare for people to start begging to be in your presence, wanting to be able to bask in just a sliver of your light.

Leo: You're Celebrating What It Means To Be You

Happy birthday, Leo! It's still your solar season and the cosmos are shining brighter than ever before. Seriously, Leo season is the sunniest season of all and it totally makes sense because you're the sunniest zodiac sign. Ruled by the sun, you are confidence, power, positivity, and creativity come to life. The sun lets things grow and prosper, so let this season serve as a reminder to grow and prosper. You've stretched your limits and it's time to find a new reality that gives you space to roam wild and free.