Ashley Benson Ditched Her Signature Bob For Super Long, Blonde Hair

Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While most people are cutting their hair shorter or leaving it untouched during their time in quarantine, Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson decided to do exactly the opposite. As of at least Monday, May 25, Benson’s replaced her signature bob for super long hair. And with waist-length, blonde hair, she looks like a beach-bound goddess just in time for summer.

In a selfie posted to her Instagram Stories, Benson’s hair seems to rival Rapzunel’s in terms of length, and her new color is a light blonde with the trendy, chunky highlight look everyone’s been trying out as of late. Benson tagged celebrity hairstylists Violet Teriti and Chandlar Vandersteen in her post as the potential masterminds behind the new look. Teriti has worked with Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Sofia Richie, and many more celebs, and this isn’t even the first time Teriti has given Benson extensions. But, sadly, no official photos have been posted to Benson’s or Teriti’s Instagrams showing off the full look yet.

Instagram/Ashley Benson

Benson’s bob has become a staple to her overall look over the years, even if she’s a bit of a hair chameleon. “I'm always crazy with my hair," she told Elite Daily in November 2019. "I'll go pink, I'll go blonde, I'll go short, I'll go long the next day." Even so, a new hairdo is the perfect (and most classic) way to deal with a breakup. Since Benson and her girlfriend of almost two years, Cara Delevingne, reportedly broke up in April 2020, perhaps the TV star wanted to shake the old out of her hair and welcome the new. Regardless, I, for one, am a big fan of this hair transformation. But, did she break quarantine to get her hair done? Currently, hair salons are still shut down in L.A., so it’s likely that Benson either got a house call or Teriti and Vandersteen coached her over FaceTime, like Miley Cyrus’ hairstylist did. However they (hopefully safely) completed the hair transformation, Benson looks ready for an Aquamarine reboot.

Benson’s not alone in her new quarantine ‘do. With what feels like every celeb trying out new hairdos in quarantine, it’s only a question of who will be the next person to debut a drastic new look. And while I hope Benson’s bob isn’t gone forever, I can’t wait to see more of this long, flowing, blonde look.