Arie & Lauren B.'s Zodiac Compatibility May Actually Surprise You

by Cosmo Luce
ABC/Paul Hebert

The plot twist on the finale episode of The Bachelor comes as no surprise with a little bit of astrological evidence. I say that because runner-up Lauren B., who Bachelor Arie left Becca K. for two months after proposing, is a Scorpio. Scorpios are known for their underworld charm and long-term scheming. Scorpios rarely come in second place, and once they set their sights on something, they usually get it by any means necessary. As Arie is a Virgo, Bachelor Arie and Lauren B.'s zodiac compatibility looks like they have a solid foundation for marriage. In fact, this duo might even have a karmic bond.

Like Scorpios, Virgos are somewhat slow moving and deliberate in a relationship. They don't take any commitment on without thinking it through quite thoroughly. And while Lauren's more secretive, initially closed-off nature might have made Arie skeptical at first, he probably just needed a little time to develop more trust in their bond and for Lauren to open up.

Scorpios like Lauren have a deep well of emotion, but at the bottom of that well, all they really want is support and security. There's a reason why Lauren only spoke 94 lines of dialogue throughout this entire season, according to Vulture (at least, on camera). Scorpios are an extremely sensitive sign that revels in secrets and gets their power from keeping others in the dark.

As an earth sign, Virgos like Arie are very grounded, logical, and rooted in the material. They are so insightful that they can see through the veil of mysteries that Scorpios use to disguise themselves, and instead, perceive the truth of a person's heart.

Although Scorpios are normally talked about as the most sexual sign of the zodiac, the truth is that they are a deeply loyal sign with extreme trust issues. Since Lauren was able to get past her insecurities about attaching to Arie, we can be sure that her commitment to Arie is on a deep, soulful level.

In a relationship between a Virgo and a Scorpio, that level of loyalty and commitment translates into a deep sense of protection on the part of the Scorpio. Lauren will defend Arie against anyone who might threaten the sanctity of the relationship. In turn, Arie will be continually drawn to her simultaneous charisma and mystery. He might feel like he can never know Lauren fully, but rather than scaring away the sensitive Virgo, this will only keep him coming back to the relationship time and time again.

As Virgo is a natural communicator, and Scorpio is extremely passionate, even though she didn't say that much during this season, Lauren and Arie are likely to have their share of debates over the course of their relationship. To outsiders, it might look like these debates are intense arguments. Both signs want to have control over their lives, and will always find a way forward — with or without each other.

Arie and Lauren will face some rockiness when their relationship goes to the extremes. There's a risk that, as a Scorpio, Lauren B. will dominate Arie. He might feel compelled to appease her, even at the cost of his own happiness. As Virgo often feels compelled to serve their partner, and Scorpio can sometimes revel in control over their partners, there is a risk that Lauren B. could take advantage of Arie's unswerving kindness and dedication to her.

Fortunately, most Scorpios are willing to engage in the deep levels of introspection and self-discovery that will prevent them from going into the deepest darkest depths of their sign. As long as Lauren and Arie continue to invest in their home life, they have nothing to fear. The home will be a source of stability for both the Virgo and the Scorpio, as it has the security that helps Scorpio feel safe within their own heads, and can have the order and cleanliness that Virgo needs in order to feel like they are being nourished.

If this couple's horoscope is any indication, the relationship between Lauren and Arie is a karmic relationship that was maybe even destined from the start. The stars wish them the very best.

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