Ariana Grande's 'Sweetener' Tour Setlist Is Noticeably Missing Some Major Songs

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ariana Grande's Sweetener (and Thank U, Next) Tour is finally here! After dropping two albums in six months and making some music history along the way, Grande is officially on the road performing this new music for fans. The inaugural performance of the tour kicked off in Albany, NY, on Monday, March 18, and that means fans can now check out Ariana Grande's Sweetener Tour setlist.

The tour setlist includes bops from both Sweetener and Thank U, Next, because duh, but it also features some of Grande's older music from Dangerous Woman, My Everything, and Yours Truly. Fans are scratching their heads over some noticeably missing bops from her most recent albums, though.

Here's the Sweetener (and Thank U, Next) Tour setlist:

1. Raindrops

2. God Is A Woman

3. Bad Idea

4. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored

5. R.E.M.

6. Be Alright

7. Sweetener

8. Successful

9. Side to Side

10. Bloodline

11. 7 Rings

12. Love Me Harder

13. Breathin

14. Needy

15. Fake Smile

16. Make Up

17. Right There

18. You’ll Never Know

19. Break Your Heart Right Back

20. Nasa

21. Goodnight n Go

22. In My Head

23. Everytime

24. One Last Time

25. The Light is Coming

26. Into You

27. Dangerous Woman

28. Break Free

29. No Tears Left to Cry

30. Thank U, Next

Justice for "Blazed!"

Regardless of some of their favorite songs not being featured in the show, fans are still in love with this list.

Notably missing from the setlist are "Pete Davidson" and "ghostin'," which are two of the most emotional songs on Sweetener and Thank U, Next for very different reasons. "Pete Davidson," of course, is the love letter Grande wrote to her ex when they first started dating. It's all mushy love stuff. "Ghostin'," on the other hand, is seemingly about Mac Miller and how it affected her and Davidson's relationship.

I think it's pretty obvious why "Pete Davidson" isn't being performed on this tour, but fans were wondering if it was going to be.

The answer to that, as you now know, is a big ol' nope.

As for "ghostin'," Grande confirmed on Twitter before the tour started that the song would not be in the show because it's difficult for her to perform.

A fan on Twitter asked back in February, "will we get to hear ghostin live?? #ThankUNext."

Grande responded,

if i can get thru it yea but right now it’s not on the set list. i jus want to have a good time with y’all and like .... make it thru the show lol. love u sm. thank u for showing this song so much love. it means a great deal. #thankunext

Fans also might be wondering why the finale of Sweetener, "Get Well Soon," is not on the setlist. The song runs 5 minutes and 22 seconds long as a way of honoring the victims of the Manchester attack on May 22, 2017. The last part of the song is a moment of silence for the victims, as well. Given the powerful meaning of the song, fans might have expected to see that one performed on this tour.

According to a fan who was at a Q&A during the March 18 show's soundcheck, Grande said that she doesn't see "Get Well Soon" as a big concert song, rather a more intimate one that's better suited to the Sweetener Sessions she did over the summer following the release of the album.

And as for the other songs on Sweetener and Thank U, Next that didn't make the cut, it's a given that not every song from an artist's album makes it into the tour setlist.

This setlist is a good balance of Grande's past and most recent music, so prepare yourselves, Arianators. The queen of the whistle tones is coming.