Fans Think Ariana Grande's "Ghostin" Is About How She Never Got Over Mac Miller

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Ariana Grande’s new album Thank U, Next has finally dropped and fans are literally going wild over the album’s new songs. While the album boasts previously released tracks “Thank U, Next” and “7 Rings,” it also includes a whole bunch of other songs, including “Ghostin," which has given fans reason to get super emotional. These tweets about Ariana Grande’s “Ghostin” show just how invested fans are in the singer’s music!

Grande has been teasing her album and new songs on social media for weeks. And a few weeks ago when a fan asked what “Ghostin” was about, Grande seemingly revealed all. In her tweet, Grande said, “feeling badly for the person you're with bc you love somebody else. feeling badly bc he can tell he can't compare.... and how i should be ghosting him.”

Naturally, people have ideas about who the song is about. The lyrics themselves don’t seem to be pointing fingers at anyone in particular, but that’s not keeping fans from speculating. Here’s a look at some of the lyrics to “Ghostin”:

I know you hear me when I cry / I try to hold it in at night / While you're sleeping next to me / But it's your arms that I need this time (This time) / Look at the cards that we've been dealt / If you were anybody else / Probably wouldn't last a day / Heavy tears, a rain parade from hell (From hell)
Baby, you do it so well / You been so understanding, you been so good / And I'm puttin' you through more than one ever should / And I'm hating myself 'cause you don't want to / Admit that it hurts you

Ariana continues, singing,

I know that it breaks your heart when I cry again / Over him, mmh / I know that it breaks your heart when I cry again / Instead of ghostin' him

Just from the lyrics alone, it’s easy to see why fans are so in love with the song. It speaks to a pretty relatable experience where you might find yourself in a situation comparing one relationship to another. And fans are most are definitely relating to Grande’s lyrics on a personal level. Not only that, but they’re speculating about who the song was written for. Here’s what fans are saying on Twitter right now:

As you can see, fans are pretty much falling over themselves because of this song. And they’re also putting their thinking caps on to figure out who the song is about! So, who do you think the song is about? There are a couple of candidates, honestly. Remember, Grande broke up with Pete Davidson in October 2018. And just a few months prior, in May 2018, she and her ex Mac Miller broke off their relationship. Since Grande’s love life has been so up and down recently, the song really could be about anyone!

In a recent report from Us Weekly, a source close to Grande reflected on the singer’s love life and her vow to not date in 2019.

“Ariana feels like a warrior,” the source said of Grande’s ability to make it through tough situations. “She’s suffered some horrible circumstances, but she’s come out on top. 2019 might turn out to be her best year ever.”

Well, it certainly seems like 2019 is turning out to be a great year for Grande! Hopefully, things will continue to look up for her!