Ariana Grande & Mikey Foster’s Body Language In The “Boyfriend” Video Is So Sweet

by Korey Lane

Ariana Grande is out here living her best life in 2019. The singer seems to know exactly what fans want, and her newest single "Boyfriend" is just further proof of her talent. The song is about that torturous feeling of having a crush on someone you can't have and seeing them with someone else. Grande collaborated with Social House on the song, and Mikey Foster and Scootie Anderson starred in the video alongside her. The intense chemistry between Grande and Foster made fans wonder if there was something brewing between them. Fortunately, Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster’s body language in the "Boyfriend" music video shows that these two have a real shot at romance in the real world, at least according to one expert.

Rumors that Grande and Foster are dating have been floating around ever since the "Boyfriend" video dropped on August 2, but since neither one has commented on the rumors, it's kind of impossible to know whether or not they're true. Elite Daily previously reached out to representatives for both Grande and Foster, but have yet to hear back. Even if they aren't an item in real life, it's obvious that Grande and Foster have a real connection, though it could just be platonic. Their chemistry in the "Boyfriend" video is amazing, and they would make an adorable couple. But don't just take my word for it. Body language expert Patti Wood analyzed the maybe-couple's chemistry in the video, and they definitely have it going on.

Ari is in control.
Ariana Grande/ YouTube

Now, if you haven't seen the music video for "Boyfriend," stop what you're doing and go watch it right now. Seriously, it's an amazing video full of steamy moments, just like this one. And according to Wood, Grande and Foster's body language in this particular scene is super hot. This is "a very provocative posture because she has her legs spread out and around him in a way where she wants to have a little bit of sexual control of the situation," Wood says. "Notice her facial expression is an awry smile as if she is the one in control. If you look at his hand behind his back he’s more tentative and slightly retreating even though his legs are also out. More, Wood says that his head is "tilted to the side to look at her and find out what she’s feeling and if she’s in pain."

Not only is it a hot and steamy moment, but according to Wood, Foster is genuinely connected to Grande. Eep!

Foster is super sweet to her.
Ariana Grande/ YouTube

Aside from being super steamy, Wood says that this moment was probably just as intimate as it looks, despite the fact that Grande and Foster were probably in front of a lot of people while filming it. "One thing that is sweet and tender is the way he has his hand gently curled to hold her face," Wood says. "That shows tenderness."

Tenderness! I can't!

Even though they were filming a music video, there was some serious sexual tension.
Ariana Grande/ YouTube

Now, of course, the "Boyfriend" music video is just a video, and Grande and Foster are acting in it. But, this wouldn't be the first time Grande had a relationship kick off from a musical collaboration. Fans will recall that Grande and the late Mac Miller collaborated on the song "The Way" shortly after meeting and getting to know each other. The chemistry between them in the video seemed like a real turning point for their relationship, although they didn't start dating until 2016.

In this moment, Wood says it's obvious that Grande is focused on the camera, but Foster is totally into her. "She’s conscious and posing for the camera," she says. "He is attentive to her." And even though Grande isn't looking at Foster, Wood says you can tell she's feeling it. "Her eyes are saying 'desire me,'" she says. Aw!

They definitely seem happy.
Ariana Grande/ YouTube

Finally, in this shot from the video, Wood says that Grande is being pretty flirty, but also supportive. "I like that she’s touching his knee lightly to show affection and to reach out to him," she says.

The world may never know whether or not Grande and Foster are actually a couple, but according to Wood, there's definitely something going on in the music video for "Boyfriend." Whether or not all that chemistry translates off-screen is for Grande and Foster to figure out, but one thing is clear: They'd make a hella cute couple. Maybe one day Grande can call Foster her boyfriend for real.