Here's Everything You Need To Know About Vinny's Winner From 'A Double Shot At Love'


The big finale of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny ended the dating show with a totally unexpected twist. Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not watched the season finale of Double Shot at Love. The whole season, fans expected two women to win the series — a girlfriend for Vinny and one for Pauly — but that did not end up happening. Although Pauly ended up alone, Vinny did get his happy ending with Alysse. Now the big question is are Vinny and Alysse still dating now that the show is over? Let's dig into Vinny's new relationship.

Alysse was not an initial standout among the women vying for Vinny's heart. At the beginning of the series, she faded into the background and Vinny even called her out for being too shy. But as the house got less crowded, Alysse's personality began to come out and her connection with Vinny proved to be incredibly strong. While she was still branded as the shy girl throughout the show, Alysse appealed to Vinny's own private, introspective side, and he commented on how he and Alysse developed the strongest physical connection out of anyone else in the house. The bond became so strong that Vinny even eliminated Maria, whom many saw as the frontrunner, in order to keep Alysse.

In Thursday night's finale, the women had one final test: meeting Vinny and Pauly's mothers. Alysse actually proved to be the only girl out of the remaining four to impress the mothers, bonding with Vinny's mom while cooking in the kitchen. Then it came to Vinny's final decision, and he weighed the options between Alysse and Elle. Although he and Elle have similar backgrounds and passions in life and work best on paper, Vinny noted that he just cannot describe the intense bond he has with Alysse. In the end, Vinny chose Alysse, sending home a stunned Elle.


Now that we all know who Vinny picked to be his girlfriend at the end of Double Shot at Love, the big question on every fan's mind is whether he and Alysse are still dating or not. Unfortunately, this is not very easy to confirm or deny, given that both Vinny and Alysse have obviously explicitly avoided giving away spoilers about Double Shot at Love while the show was airing. Alysse even set her Instagram to private, so we can't see if she is posting new pics with Vinny or not.

It does sound like there is hope for the relationship to continue, though. After Vinny picked Alysse as his winner, he said that the next step will be to continue dating outside the house to see if their bond is just as strong without the cameras all around them, and he sounded optimistic that it would. Plus, Alysse has tweeted that her shy persona was largely a result of being thrown into the whirlwind of reality television, so she and Vinny will probably thrive so much better now that they are away from the cameras. We will just have to wait to see if Vinny and Alysse open up about their relationship status now that the show is officially over.