Here's Where The Sprouse Twins & Debby Ryan's Friendship Stands In 2020

It's been over a decade since Debby Ryan made her Suite Life on Deck debut alongside Cole and Dylan Sprouse in the iconic Disney Channel spinoff, and fans still love their on (and off) camera chemistry. Since 2008, Cole, Dylan, and Ryan have gone on to have successful movie and TV roles, high-profile romances, and more, leading stans to wonder if the Sprouse twins and Debby Ryan are still friends. Well, I'm breaking down their post-Suite Life interactions that prove their friendship is still going — and going strong.

Years after the Disney Channel show ended in 2011, Cole, Dylan, and Ryan started flaunting their friendship on social media, giving fans all the feels. In November 2015, Cole used Ryan as a muse for his growing photography hobby. "@colesprouse wanted you guys to see my freckles. #postmoreportraits," Ryan captioned the black-and-white Instagram pic.

Fast forward to an On-Air With Ryan Seacrest interview in August 2018, where Ryan opened up about where her friendship with the twins stands and had nothing but nice words to say about Dylan and Cole.

"It's really nice, I think, when you go through such intense, insane life during your high school years with people," Ryan said. "There's only a few people that knew you before that and outside of that and through that and I value my friendship with both [Cole] and Dylan, it's cool! And they're both killing it in their careers.”

Back to social media the following month, Ryan — who played Cole's onscreen girlfriend on The Suite Life on Deck — would turn heads when she posted a series of pics with his real-life girlfriend, Lili Reinhart.

Reinhart obviously felt no type of way whatsoever about the fact that Ryan once locked lips with Cole on screen. In November 2017, Ryan did reveal to Clevver News she once had a crush on one of the Sprouse twins back in the day... but then she met them IRL and her crush evaporated into thin air. Watch her adorable response to the question below at the 1:53 mark.

Two months later, the twins were on hand to celebrate Ryan's engagement to Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots. Cole and Dylan were in the candid Polaroids from the party, and, again, in a group shot Ryan posted on Instagram.

Reinhart and Cole shared congratulatory messages to Ryan and Dun after they announced their engagement on Instagram. "My babies," Cole gushed. Reinhart wrote, "I love this so much. Congratulations you two."

While Dylan, Cole, and Ryan interactions don't happen on the daily, they often show their friendship by liking each other's Instagram posts. After all of these years, the threesome's friendship is still going strong.