Here's What We Know About Tayshia & JPJ's Post-'Paradise' Relationship Status


Bachelor in Paradise relationships can be a little rocky, and no pairing has proven that true more than Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones. Despite finding themselves into a volatile love triangle earlier in the season, the two found their way back to each other and became the prom king and queen of Paradise. But as the proposal stage approached, Tayshia called things off. However, based on the couple's extremely sad breakup, fans can't help but wonder if maybe the couple reconciled after cameras stopped rolling. So, are Tayshia and John Paul Jones together after Bachelor In Paradise? Stranger things have happened.

Bachelorette favorite John Paul Jones entered the Paradise beach best known for his love of chicken nuggets and enthusiasm for group date activities. For her part, Tayshia had a reputation for keeping her cool during Colton Underwood's Bachelor breakdown and not being afraid to call out fellow contestants she thought were not there for the right reasons. At first glance, they were an unlikely match, but JPJ's out-there personality and attempts at reciting Shakespeare eventually wooed Tayshia.

Their fairy-tale beginnings soured when Tayshia encouraged John Paul Jones to pursue other women as she grew closer to Derek Peth. Convinced Tayshia was becoming a "victim of [Derek's] fraud," JPJ accused Derek of wanting to generate content for his Bachelor-related podcast and bragging about pursuing his fans sexually. Seeing that JPJ refused to talk civilly with Derek, the men's confrontation was never really resolved. However, Tayshia told Derek she couldn't envision their relationship happening, so he left the beach.

Following Derek's departure, Tayshia and JPJ became a solid couple again, and John Paul Jones even retroactively became the guy of Tayshia's high school dreams when he threw an impromptu prom for her.

Of course, it isn't prom season without a few tears. As the final days of Paradise began, JPJ was feeling more confident than ever about a life with Tayshia. "Every moment builds toward that potential engagement," he said. "There are still deeper conversations she and I have to have, but I'm falling in love with Tayshia."

Tayshia also seemed invested in their relationship, even having John Paul Jones recreate the romantic Titantic drawing scene, with her as Leo and him in the place of Kate Winslet. However, when the decision about fantasy suites arrived in the Sept. 10 episode, Tayshia didn't feel right about having an answer yet. "I need more time," she told cameras.

Ahead of fantasy suites, JPJ told her, "I had some of the most magical and happiest moments of my life with you ... I'd like to dance with you at our wedding someday, hopefully. I'm in love with you. I'm not ready for this experience to end and I want to keep exploring our relationship."

Tayshia was touched by his gesture, but something wasn't right. "I want to get there but I'm not there yet," she admitted to him. "You think you know [what you want in a partner]."

"I know that I want you," he said. "You are the most amazing women I've met and I'll never forget the time I've spent with you."

Getting emotional, Tayshia ran after a heartbroken JPJ, saying she was sorry. He let her cry in her arms before saying goodbye, while Tayshia was still weeping by the time she reached her own exit van. Paradise producers even treated fans to a montage of the couple's greatest moments, perhaps hinting at a future reconciliation between them. After all, anything can happen at a Paradise reunion taping. Fans will have to wait and see if Tayshia and JPJ's love story is complete, but I have hopes that John Paul Jones will win her over with a bouquet of chicken nuggets.

Tayshia has yet to comment online about the breakup, but JPJ took to Instagram with some thoughts. He posted a photo of himself with the caption, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." He's quoting Tennyson rather than Shakespeare this time around, but if Tayshia is in the mood for more literary-themed romance, John Paul Jones seems game.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 reunion airs at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept. 17, on ABC.