St. Patrick's Day Might Be Over, But This Detail About The Shamrock Shake Isn't Changing

Courtesy of McDonald's

St. Patrick's Day might have come and gone, but that doesn't mean you have to hang up the green just yet. IMHO, the best way to get through those St. Patty's withdrawals and slowly ease into the Easter countdown is with some leprechaun-approved sips — specifically, McDonald's Shamrock Shakes, which I personally think should be served all year long. Given that Sunday, March 17 is now a few days behind us, you might be wondering, are Shamrock Shakes cheaper after St. Patty's Day, and how long are they even available? Here's how to treat your tastebuds to the flavors of the Irish holiday now that the festivities are over.

This year, the luck of the Irish is on your side, because Mickey D's is keeping its fan-favorite minty beverage around for a full week after St. Patrick's Day "while supplies last." That means that customers have until Sunday, March 24 to get their hands on a Shamrock Shake before they leave again until next February. TBH, I'm sure I'm not the only one breathing a sigh of relief, because I definitely haven't had enough time to get my Shamrock Shake cravings completely satiated during the four weeks that the drink has been back on McDonald's menu.

Even though the Shamrock Shakes are technically no longer a seasonal item, don't expect to catch a lucky break as far as the price of these limited-edition sips is concerned. A McDonald's rep responded to an Elite Daily email inquiring about whether there might be a discount by saying that "prices are ultimately determined at the individual restaurant level and may vary," but they won't fluctuate after the holiday.

Since debuting in 1970, Shamrock Shakes have become a seasonal staple, and they have a devout following which eagerly anticipates their arrival every year. Just because St. Patty's is over doesn't mean that people are done celebrating, especially when that includes sipping on one of these minty fresh shakes like March 17 is just around the corner.

If anything, supplies are scarcer now than ever, and many Twitter users have taken to the social media platform to report that their local Golden Arches have already run out of the beloved beverage. With demand still high after St. Patrick's Day, a small Shamrock Shake will continue to retail for $2.22 while a medium will cost you $3.11, according to a McDonald's rep. Meanwhile, you can expect a large shake to set you back $3.54.

Still, it's important to note that you're basically paying the same price of McDonald's other shakes like strawberry and chocolate for the specialty treat. Plus, I think it's a pretty small price to pay for getting your mint fix once a year. If I'm being totally honest, I'd probably pay a lot more for the totally drool-worthy combination of McDonald's trademark low-fat vanilla soft serve, minty Shamrock Shake syrup, and fluffy whipped cream.

Trying to find one of these green-hued treats in the upcoming days might be a little harder now, but there's no luck needed if you go through McDonald's Shamrock Shake finder. Simply download the McDonald's app and you will be able to use the finder to locate a Mickey D's near you that still has them.

Again, you only have until March 24 before the Shamrock Shake disappears for the rest of the year, so I'd keep that in mind while planning your next McDonald's run. Sláinte!