Rue and Jules' relationship is in flux on 'Euphoria' heading into Season 2.

Here's Where Rue & Jules' Relationship Stands Ahead Of 'Euphoria' Season 2


After an upsetting ending to Season 1, Euphoria fans were hoping the two standalone specials released ahead of Season 2 would provide more clarity about Rue and Jules' relationship. The therapeutic episodes dove deep into each character's headspace ahead of the new season and culminated in a tense reunion, but fans are still left wondering the same thing: Are Rue and Jules together or broken up before Euphoria Season 2? It definitely seems like their relationship drama will be a major part of the upcoming season.

The first season of Euphoria saw outcast Rue and new girl Jules grow closer and closer, to the point where they were planning to run off to the city together. But in the final episode, Rue backed out at the train station, watching Jules leave without her. Fans learned where both girls were at following this split in the two special episodes released between Season 1 and Season 2.

The Rue-focused "Trouble Don't Last Always," which was released at the end of 2020, showed a lengthy, philosophical conversation between Rue and her Narcotics Anonymous sponsor Ali addressing her experiences with addiction and her recent relapse. Then, the Jules-focused "F*ck Anyone Who's Not a Sea Blob," which hit HBO at the beginning of 2021, depicted a therapy session in which Jules talked through her evolving opinions on identity and disclosed that her relationship with Rue closely mirrors her relationship with her mother, who also experienced addiction. The episode ended by revealing Jules had returned home and Rue paid her a quick visit in her bedroom while on her way to meet Ali.


Unfortunately for fans who wanted to see the two reignite their romance, the reunion was very tense and very brief. Jules admitted she missed Rue and apologized for how everything went down at the train station, but Rue clearly was not ready to jump back into things and simply wished Jules a merry Christmas while choking back tears before leaving. The moment left Rue and Jules in a complicated place heading into Season 2 — it's evident things have majorly changed between them.

Really, Rue and Jules' relationship defies labels, as they never really claimed to be together in the first place, even though their romantic feelings for one another were clear. For fans curious about their relationship status now, the standalone specials made it pretty clear they have strong feelings for one another but are keeping their distance at the moment.

Hopefully Rules fans will get to see the duo work through their issues and reignite their spark in Season 2, which creator Sam Levinson teased is about to begin filming and will likely release in 2021. Until then, Rue and Jules are on their own.