Khloé K Just Shut Down Rumors That She Hooked Up With Scott Disick

Chris Weeks/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The close friendship Khloé Kardashian shares with Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick is common knowledge amongst fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Seriously, these two are as thick as thieves and it's very cute to witness their BFF antics. Unfortunately, the bond between them has led some fans to wonder — are Khloé Kardashian and Scott Disick more than friends? Well, the seemingly obvious answer is absolutely not. Just because they're close doesn't mean there's a secret romance brewing. And yet, that's exactly what some have implied.

Pot-stirrers everywhere swooped into the comments of Khloé's birthday post for Disick and felt the need call out the longtime friends for a secret hookup/love affair/romance that legit never happened. Thankfully, a couple of Khloé's ride or die followers shut the gossip down without skipping a beat. Users @sarahxdurelle and @shaelove37 were not about to sit back and let shade be thrown, especially not after everything Khloé has been through as a result of the reported cheating scandals involving Tristan Thompson. "Not to be the one to bring it up buuut, with what just recently happened and how heartbroken and devastated she was, that was raw, intense, and truly heartbreaking and the feelings she felt were REAL and NATURAL," wrote user @sarahxdurelle. Elite Daily reached out to Kardashian and Thompson's team for comment on the scandals at the time but did not hear back.

It's clear that Tristan Thompson's reported infidelities have had a significant impact on Khloé's life and it's surprising that fans would imply she'd ever do something like that to her own sister. It's even more strange that the only thing anyone has to go off of are photos of the pair looking like exactly what they are: Friends. Even though Kourtney and Scott are no longer romantically involved, hooking up with your sister's longtime on-again-off-again ex and the father of her children would still be a major violation of trust. Plus, as @sarahxdurelle went on to explain, the logic behind it makes no sense. "She wouldn't react that way if she did the same thing to her SISTER by sleeping with the FATHER of her neices/nephews," she continued. "Stop trying to make something from nothing, please.. It's really disrespectful to everyone involved." Wow, what a satisfying mic drop.

User @shaelove37 also came in strong to defend Khloé. "@sarahxdurelle yess!!," she wrote. "They don't realize or forgot that this man has no mother father or siblings. This is his SISTER the only family besides his children that he has. Just because two people are close don't mean they have shagged before. Just childish." As if this wasn't enough of a happy ending, Queen Khloé herself decided to make an appearance in the comments section using pink heart and kissy face emojis to thank the two for defending her honor.

So what's the moral of the story? Well, for starters, stirring up unnecessary drama ain't cute. Secondly, we can't forget that celebrities are people too. Trolly comments don't just disappear into an internet black hole.