Are Interracial Relationships Different? Here's What These Couples Deal With That Other Couples Don't


By the year 2018, most of us would hope that a difference in race wouldn't be a point of contention anymore. I'm Iranian-American, and my boyfriend is pretty much as white as they come. To me, that difference has never been worth noting, but it does seem to be an exciting talking point for other people. I often get asked how my parents "feel" about me dating someone "like him." I have to imagine I wouldn't get asked this question if I were dating a Persian dude. At the end of the day, questions like that leave me wondering: How are interracial relationships difficult compared to more homogeneous relationships?

The short answer: There are a lot more difficulties that people in interracial relationships face than you might realize. A recent Reddit thread asked ladies to share their experiences with interracial relationships and how they differ from other relationships, and their responses are very telling.

Strangers made assumptions about their religious backgrounds.


People sometimes make predictions about which parent their children will (or won't) look like.


People made extremely racist comments about her child and her partner.


Cooking together was challenging for them because of their different backgrounds.


Too many people feel entitled to having opinions on the future of their babies.


She exposed him to food he wouldn't have gotten to try otherwise.


Her family members didn't accept her partner in the beginning.


The lack of acceptance from his mother tore their relationship apart.


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