Twitter Thinks Dogs Are The Secret To A Perfect Relationship & Twitter Is Def Right

by Candice Jalili

There are plenty of keys to a good relationship. The two of you have to be able to be open and honest about how you're feeling. And then, when your partner is open and honest, you have to be understanding and sympathetic. You have to be able to keep a promise. You have to share things in common. You have to be loyal. You have to truly love each other. You have to have both sexual and emotional chemistry. You have to make each other feel safe and comfortable. You've heard all of that. But... are dogs good for relationships?

Well, according to Twitter, the answer to that question is yes. People all over the Twitter community have recently chimed in on their beliefs that a shared love of dogs can actually thoroughly enhance a romantic relationship. Now, I'm no professional, but I don't really doubt the theory. I mean, if you're a dog lover reading this article, just take a second to sit back and think about just how much you really love your dog and literally every other dog that ever crosses your path. THEN, think about how freaking wonderful it would be if you found someone who shared your love for dogs. Someone to DM back and forth any cute dog pictures that come up on your respective Insta feeds and to take along for strolls at the park that are peppered with frequent stops to pet random strangers' adorable puppies.

I know what you're thinking: But my best friend/mom/sister/grandma/dad/aunt/brother already does this for me. Yes, that may be true. Your platonic best friend or your mom or your dad or your sibling or your work wife could currently be filling the spot of that person who shares a passion for dogs with you... but just IMAGINE how wonderful it would be to meet someone you were physically attracted to, whom you could also spend 23 of the 24 hours in the day sending cute dog pictures back and forth with? If that doesn't say relationship goals, I don't know what does.

Now, finally, people have taken to Twitter to talk about exactly how pivotal a shared love of dogs is to having a happy, healthy, and downright wonderful relationship.

It all started when one guy dropped these words of wisdom on the Twitter community...

I mean, he brings up a good point, doesn't he? What more do two dog lovers in a blissful relationship need to keep them satisfied than constant conversation revolving around adorable dogs? It's like, you get the satisfaction of simply seeing the adorable dog, but then, you get to double that satisfaction by discussing the sighting with someone who finds the dog equally adorable.

Even if you disagree with this theory, there are plenty of people on Twitter who totally see where he's coming from.

Don't worry! If you're a cat person, there's hope for love out there for you, too.
This person has had a six-month-long long-distance relationship with someone she's gone on one date with, purely based upon sending dog videos.
This person's entire marriage and the majority of their friendships are completely based upon a shared love of dogs.
What's worse: forgetting to tell your SO about a cute dog that you saw or cheating? (OK, yes, cheating is probably worse, but the cute dog thing is a very close second.)
What makes a marriage? Dogs.
Seriously, a shared love of dogs is the highlight of this woman's marriage.
YES, OBVIOUSLY ALL DOGS ARE CUTE. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.
The tweet spoke to people on a personal level.
Looking for that hidden key to real true love? LOOK NO FURTHER.
The fact that relationships are based on a shared love of dogs is making people reconsider their decisions to be single forever.

I have to come clean here, you guys. I'm not really that big of a dog person. It's not that I don't like dogs; it's just that I didn't grow up with pets, so I find myself getting a little awkward around them. But even I, Candice Awkward-With-Dogs Jalili, can understand this. Imagine falling in love with someone who is as passionate about something you love as you are! It's a b-e-a-utiful thing.

OK, so, even if you don't think you're "relationship material," think again! It turns out, all you need to do is find someone who shares your love of dogs. AKA, like, everyone on this planet... except maybe me.

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