12 Sweet Things To Do With Your Furry Friend On National Love Your Pet Day

Dog mom, pet sitter, or shelter volunteer — no matter what your interaction is with a beloved animal, loving them is undoubtedly in the cards every single time. Your dog deserves to know every single day that their furry face makes the world go round, and that their wet kisses are the best thing ever, even if your day was the absolute worst. National Love Your Pet Day has claimed Feb. 20 this year, and animal lovers are so here for it. It might not be your pup's birthday, but it's a time to be all about them and find fun things to do on National Love Your Pet Day, because they deserve it.

Your dog would be happy with absolutely any activity that involves you and them. They really just love you that much, and the feeling is oh-so-mutual. Their wagging tail is so simple, but always seems to bring the biggest smile to your face — because if they're happy, you're happy. Act alone or get the rest of the neighboring pups involved, but doing something different and special is in order for a day proclaimed for their loyal AF existence. You may already do a few of these things already, but today, love for your dog is incredibly in the air.

Take Them On A Hike Or To The Dog Park
fondbibby on Twitter

Most dogs love the outdoors. Take a break from your normal walking routine and take them on a long hike to a place they haven't been to before or that you know they love. They'll be sniffing around like crazy, but'll enjoy every second of it.

Let Them Pick Out A New Toy At The Pet Store
harvard on Twitter

Pups love their toys, and the splits in your couch know that all too well. They know what they like, and that's why taking them to the pet store will be so exciting for them. They really are like your child.

Watch '101 Dalmatians' Together
williamthommen on Twitter

Who doesn't enjoy a classic? 101 Dalmatians might send your dog into a barking frenzy because of the familiar sounds in the film. They are the best Netflix and chill partners, though.

Treats, Treats, And MORE Treats
drewm89 on Twitter

If your pup is anything like you, snacking is a fundamental necessity. Treats are their form of snack, so let them go pick out their favorites. It is all too true that snacks are life.

Supply Those Unlimited Belly Rubs All Day Long
jarodjoseph on Twitter

Belly rubs are the equivalent of an amazing massage for us. Dogs literally eat that stuff up. It's a little luxury you can afford to give your pup. Warning: You may experience arm soreness, but you'll muscle through out of love.

Visit A Pet Bakery
hackettstownbid on Twitter

Yes, pet bakeries exist and your pup deserves to get some yummy treats from there. Honestly, these baked goods are so presentable, they'll be the perfect snap for your pooch's Instagram to celebrate this loving day.

Make Matching Attire For The Two Of You
lovequerbo on Twitter

Hey, there's no such thing as being extra when it comes to showing some lovin' for your pet. Matching T-shirts or sweaters isn't weird at all. The picture possibilities will be pawsitively perfect, too.

Treat Them To A Pampering Spa Day
madey_rebstock on Twitter

Believe it or not, some pups love being pampered as much as you would at a salon. Let them indulge in a day of luxury, and book them a puppy spa appointment. You won't want to stop cuddling them and their soft, fresh fur.

Let Them Play In The Sprinklers
abfinny on Twitter

When it comes to dogs, it really is the little things that make them so happy. Anyone could learn a lot from that outlook on life. If you live someplace warm, allow your pup to have a field day in your sprinklers.

Watch Reruns Of The Puppy Bowl On The Couch
tararego on Twitter

The Puppy Bowl is so entertaining and cute to watch. Your pup is going to lose their mind watching fellow furry friends scurry across the screen. Don't be surprised if you get nudged into a play session.

Let Them Have A Play Date
nedastaff on Twitter

Your fur baby is just as much of a social butterfly as you are. Let them meet up with their friends and gallivant around like there's no tomorrow. Besides, it's the sweetest thing ever to see them play around.

Intro Them To That New Friend You've Been Considering
tucsonblonde on Twitter

How heartwarming and timely would it be to finally get your pup a new furry friend you've been meaning to connect them to? Seriously, that would be so freaking adorable. Your dog will love you and their new pal so, so much.

As much as National Love Your Pet Day is basically every day for the majority of us, get festive with your furry friend. Your love means a lot to them.