Chris Harrison Gave An Update On The Clare Crawley/Matt James Drama

by Candice Jalili
Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Good news, Bachelor Nation fans. I come bearing closure. Following their low-key social media feud back in April, Chris Harrison says Clare Crawley and Matt James are apparently on good terms now. "I know they buried the hatchet and they're fine with each other," Harrison, who partnered with Kelley Blue Book for the launch of their new Auto Repair Guide, told Elite Daily. "I've talked to her about Matt and I know she doesn't have any ill will towards him. And it was a bit of a misunderstanding and obviously during the pandemic, that got blown out of proportion, so I know she doesn't have any ill will and of course Matt doesn't either."

But have James and Crawley spoken since James started filming his season of The Bachelor? Harrison isn't sure. "I don't know if they actually talk, or if it was just people going in between with producers and all that," he shared, later reiterating that he's "not sure if they've talked" and that he'll he "have to ask her" to find out. Whether or not they have talked, the vibe I'm getting from Harrison's comments is that the beef never really was actually that big of a deal in the first place.

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Crawley made waves on April 25 when she posted a couple of tweets that fans took to be shade aimed at James. She wrote in the first tweet, "if you are doing interviews and creating Cameo accounts before you are even on my season... you are in it for the wrong reasons... #dontwasteyourtime."

Minutes later, she tweeted, "respect the opportunity you’ve been given. Respect the rules. Respect me. @BacheloretteABC."

Fans believed the tweets were about James because, well, he was doing interviews and had a Cameo account before he was cast to be on her season. “There’s a very beautiful young lady in Sacramento right now who’s quarantining and who is patiently waiting for production on a show to pick back up, and I’ve been waiting as well,” he had said in an interview with E! News on April 23, just two days before she posted her tweets. “I’m hoping after everything settles down and everyone is safe that I’ll finally get to meet her. I’m looking forward to it.”

On Instagram Stories, he explained his Cameo was strictly for charitable purposes. “For those of you who may have missed the message earlier this week, myself and Alex Bachman, my former teammate and current New York Giants wide receiver, pledged all of our Cameo earnings to the Robin Hood Foundation to fight this fight,” James said, per Us Weekly, citing a nonprofit dedicated to ending poverty in New York City.


So, uh, yeah. Things were awk there for a minute. But luckily it seems as though the two are cool now.