Chloe from 'The Circle' Season 2 revealed where she and Mitchell stand after the show.

Chloe Hints She & Mitchell May Be ~A Thing~ After Filming 'The Circle'

by Dylan Kickham

It's not exactly easy to strike up a romance in a show like The Circle, but somehow, Season 2's breakout star Chloe found herself juggling two close connections in the game. She instantly began flirting with Trevor right after she logged on, and then when Mitchell entered the game shortly afterward, Chloe found someone else to flirt with as well. While Trevor may not have been who Chloe thought, Mitchell really was who he said he was, and their first meet-up at the finale got pretty steamy. So, are Chloe and Mitchell dating after The Circle? Chloe tells Elite Daily she shared a special moment with him at the finale that fans didn't get to see.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from The Circle Season 2 finale. After Chloe learned that her main man Trevor was actually Deleesa, the real-life Trevor's wife (and winner of Season 2!), she turned her focus on Mitchell, the other guy she was flirting with throughout the game.

"At the finale, me and Mitch were talking all night, and he pulled me to the side after filming, and he actually asked to kiss me," Chloe says. Although she doesn't reveal whether there was actually a smooch between them, she hints at where their relationship stands now: "We have been speaking ever since the show stopped filming, FaceTiming every few days. He’s a big part of my life at the minute."

In the game, Chloe was much more focused on her connection with Trevor (aka Deleesa), and she says this kept her from really sparking a romance with Mitchell until after logging out of the Circle. "I was having breakdowns every evening, praying to God, 'Is Trevor real? Give me a sign now,'" Chloe says. "I had no brainpower to be thinking about Mitchell in that way yet because Trevor was on my mind too much."


And although Chloe was shocked to find out the man she was flirting with the whole time was actually a married woman, she says she has no ill will toward Deleesa.

"I think if I would’ve been, like, dirty flirty with [Trevor] then I would have been mortified. Absolutely mortified," Chloe says. "But it was much more than that. In my head, now [that] I know that Deleesa is Deleesa and not Trevor, I still have some sort of soft spot for her because I just know that she carried me through the show and I carried her through the show. And although I was a bit upset when there wasn’t some hunk standing in front of me, I’m glad that it turned out the way it did."

Even though she didn't take home the grand prize, Chloe wound up with a new friend and a hot guy who wants to make out with her — which, for Chloe, is still a huge win.