Something's Up With F.P. Jones & Alice Cooper On 'Riverdale' & It Spells Serious Trouble


Riverdale's steamy hookups aren't just for the teenagersAlice Cooper and F.P. Jones are here to prove that parents can get down, too. Or at least, that's what the cliffhanger at the end of Wednesday night's new episode seems to be suggesting. Fans have been shipping #Falice pretty much all season, and now it looks like the relationship is finally coming to fruition. So, are Alice Cooper and F.P. Jones really dating on Riverdale, and if so, then what could that mean for Betty and Jughead? Let's get into this new development. Spoiler alert: This post is going to go over details from Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17 "The Noose Tightens," so stop reading now if you haven't watched it yet.

The sexual tension between Alice Cooper and F.P. Jones has clearly been building throughout Season 2 of Riverdale, but it still was not a given that the two characters would actually act on it. Earlier in the show, we discovered that Alice grew up on the Southside and used to be a member of the Serpents. Not only that, but she also had a fling with Serpents leader F.P. back in the day, although she cut that off once she began dating her high school sweetheart Hal Cooper. But recently, things between Alice and Hal have been incredibly strained, leading to Hal filing for divorce just a couple weeks ago. Now newly divorced, is Alice already moving on to her old flame?

That's how things appear at the end of Wednesday night's new episode of Riverdale. When Alice and Betty are blackmailed by the Darla, the girlfriend of that guy Chic and Alice killed a few weeks back, Betty enlists the help of the Southside Serpents to scare her and her muscle off. As thanks, Alice formally apologizes to the Serpents for attacking the gang in her newspaper for all these years, and promises to work with them instead of against them. And apparently, she gets to work fast.

At the very end of the episode, we see Alice knocking on F.P. Jones' door, decked-out in the darker make-up that we saw her sport earlier in the season when she Serpent-ified herself to attend F.P.'s party in the Southside.

When F.P. answers the door, he and Alice don't exchange words, but we see him grin and spit out his gum as Alice lets herself in. It definitely looks like the two former flames are going to be doing more than just talking.

But if Alice and F.P. really are rekindling their romance, then what could that mean for Betty and Jughead... and Chic!? One of the most prevalent fan theories about this season of Riverdale has centered on Alice, F.P., and Chic. By now, most fans are convinced that the newly introduced Chic is actually the son of Alice and F.P. Even though Alice denied the theory last episode, all the signs seem to point to it being true: Hal hates Chic to an inordinate degree, Chic doesn't share Hal's Blossom blood, and the only other romantic partner that we know about from Alice's past is F.P. If Alice and F.P. are starting up a new relationship now, then it could finally lead to a big reveal about Chic's real father.

Obviously, a relationship between their parents would also be pretty awkward for Betty and Jughead, who themselves are dating. Oh, and throw on top of that the revelation that Chic might be related to both of them, and we may be in for a whole new level of Bughead drama as Season 2 comes to an end.