April 5 Worst Week, Zodiac Signs

These 3 Zodiac Signs May Feel Confused & Stressed Out The Week Of April 5

Some weeks are beautiful in astrology and some are, well... not. Even if the astrological forecast is slated to be sunny and enchanting, the way it's currently influencing your birth chart can feel less than ideal. That's because astrology is so much more complex than simply saying something is going to be "good" or "bad." More often than not, your experience is a mixed bag of emotions; a cosmic cocktail of both laughter and frustration. Keep this in mind when I say that April 5, 2021 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — because even though it may not feel easy, there's always beauty in the darkness.

Truth is, this week, the energy may feel hazy, confusing, and even stressful at times. Mars — planet of courage and vitality — will reduce its impact and focus as it forms a disorienting square with Neptune — planet of dreams and illusions — on April 9. This will diminish some of the potent power of Aries season, which tends to make you feel more motivated and competitive. As Mars squares off with Neptune, you may feel emotionally vulnerable and totally spaced out. If you're in particularly low spirits, it may be necessary to seek out comfort and therapy.

Your relationships may feel the impact of too much pressure and jealous as the week comes to a close. On April 11, Venus — planet of love and friendship — will square off with controlling and possessive Pluto on April 11. This could bring deep-seated insecurities and resentments out to the forefront, compelling you to act from a place of fear rather than emotional security. When in doubt, try react in a way that comes from love rather than negativity.

Here's what earth signs can expect this week:


Taurus: Many Things May Be Left Unsaid In Your Relationships

There's the relationship you have on the surface; the way you smile at each other, ask about each other's days, and keep things genial and respectful. Then there's the side of your relationship that's hidden; the side where all the things that are left unsaid linger. Even the strongest relationships can prompt you to talk behind each other's backs and keep truths from each other. This week, you may begin to unveil certain secrets and understand the true nature of a relationship in your life.

Virgo: Jealousy And Envy May Be Affecting Your Energetic Peace

When you're deeply invested in your relationships, it's easy for your inner peace to hinge on whether that relationship is flowing smoothly or not. However, this week, the fear of abandonment may be triggered on either end of your relationships as feelings of jealous leave one (or both) of you feeling like you're not good enough. No matter how hard it may be to admit, these feelings are perfectly normal, and even the most confident people have darker days. All you have control over is the way you react to these feelings. Choose honesty, forgiveness, and respect when you can, Virgo.

Capricorn: You May Be Struggling To Exert Your Independence

There's a big difference between the place you came from and the places you're going. However, the people who nurtured you and the culture that formed you are not always easy to leave behind. This week, you may feel as though you're struggling to run from your past. Whether your family is pulling you in a direction you don't want to go in or the weight of your history is making it hard to see your future, you're so much more than all the people you used to be. Choose what's in front of you instead of what's behind you.