These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Going To Have The Best Week & They'll Soak In Their Magic

by Valerie Mesa

Get ready to taste the sweetness of Taurus season. Even though I'm no philosopher, I do know that despite our zodiac sign's personalities, everyone all has one thing in common: Everybody has good days, and everybody has bad days. The good news is that April 29, 2019 will be the best week for these 3 zodiac signs — Gemini, Leo, and Scorpio — but that doesn't mean the rest of the signs should expect the worst. On the contrary, your horoscope serves as a general prediction for what's coming your way this week and how you'll feel and react to it. (It also doesn't hurt to check both your sun and rising sign, too.)

Needless to say, there's some interesting celestial activity taking place this week, starting with Saturn stationing retrograde in serious Capricorn while joining forces with powerful Pluto, who just stationed retrograde in the same sign. You're probably thinking: What is there to look forward to, especially in the midst of three planets traveling backwards? Whenever a planet stations retrograde, it's simply asking us to revisit and reassess a situation in our lives. It's similar to going back and taking a closer look at the homework you're about to turn in. Have you checked your answers? Is this really how you feel? Are you sure?

In structured Capricorn, both Saturn and Pluto ask us to reevaluate our long-term goals. In fact, these two heavenly bodies are rebuilding us each from the ground up. For instance, check and see where Pluto, Saturn, and Capricorn are located in your birth chart. After doing so, reflect on the following: Are you on steady ground? What needs fixing? Hint: The astrological house Capricorn rules on your birth chart can help you determine the area of your life in the midst of powerful restructuring. Jupiter retrograde, however, is currently liberating us everything that can stifle your spiritual path.

Nevertheless, here's what this week has in store for the zodiac signs mentioned above:

Gemini: You're Finally Catching A Break

Smile, Gemini. With both Saturn and Pluto officially retrograde in Capricorn, via your shady eighth house of intimacy and transformation, you're finally getting a break from the overwhelming feels, and for some, the contagious toxicity. With the moon traveling through fiery Aries and your 11th house of friendship circles, teams, and tribes towards the beginning of the week, you'll likely make a powerful impression amongst your peers, and perhaps finally decide who will make the cut.

In fact, the new moon in Taurus might very well help you find the closure you've been seeking.

Leo: You're Creating A Positive Atmosphere

Enough with the negative self-talk, Leo. Saturn and Pluto are officially retrograde in your sixth house of health and daily routine, and you're coming to terms with what needs fixing. So whether it's a bad habit that's been weighing you down or a negative space in your day-to-day life, in Marie Kondo's words, you're finally finding what sparks joy in your everyday life. Plus, with the moon in Aries towards the beginning of the week, you'll be greeted with a breath of fresh air and tons of inspiration. Speaking of which, the new moon in Taurus is the perfect opportunity for you to look towards the future.

Scorpio: Express Yourself, Don't Repress Yourself

I'm so proud of you, Scorpio. With both Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your chatty third house of communication and thought process, you're finally gathering the courage to speak your truth. No one's perfect, but being humble can change everything. Plus, with Jupiter retrograde in your second house of values and possessions, it's safe to say you're finally recognizing your worth. Last but not least, the moon will travel through Pisces, Aries, and Taurus this week, and in turn, bring you closer to all that inspires you. On that note, don't forget to set your intentions, as there is a new moon this Saturday.