Apple’s Top iPhone Apps of 2020 are a whole quarantine mood

Apple Revealed The Most Downloaded iPhone Apps Of 2020 & They Make Total Sense

by Daffany Chan

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this year certainly didn't go as planned for most people. As most of the country practiced social distancing and quarantined at home, people turned to their phones to pass the time and stay connected. Apple's top iPhone apps of 2020 give a picture of just how users spent their screen time during quarantine.

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, Apple unveiled its App Store Best of 2020 charts, which includes a list of the most downloaded iPhone apps of the year. The list reveals a snapshot overview of what tech people have been using to stay entertained, connect with friends, and more as they weathered quarantine.

Zoom took the number one position as the top free iPhone app of 2020. Zoom's skyrocket to popularity during the pandemic isn't surprising, since the virtual teleconferencing platform was essential to keeping up with school and work meetings. Everybody's favorite short-form video platform, TikTok, came in at second place. There were endless viral videos in 2020 that kept people entertained during quarantine, from the dalgona coffee challenge to the couples challenge, which even got celebs participating from their living rooms. The new streaming service, Disney+, was the third place. With plenty of streaming entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars (including new releases like The Mandalorian), people were able to transport themselves to an adventure story and stave off boredom.

Courtesy of Apple

Others platforms on the Top Free iPhone apps of 2020 list include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Messenger, respectively. The variety of social media apps that made the list give a look into how more people were staying connected through virtual platforms while practicing social distancing.

Apple also released the Top Free iPhone Games of 2020 to give insight into what people opted to play during the pandemic. Among Us!, which was created in 2018 but skyrocketed to new levels of popularity this summer, took the first place as people explored outer space with their pals through the multi-player game. Rounding out the top three positions in the top games list were Call of Duty: Mobile and Roblox, respectively.


2020 has undoubtedly been full of stress and unexpected circumstances, but thankfully, everyone's favorite apps have been helping them get through quarantine.