Apple Might Release New iPhones With Metal Backs Next Year, So Get Excited

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Since its debut on Nov. 3, the iPhone X has received an incredibly wide range of feedback. Between facial recognition and an edge-to-edge front display, iPhone fans have a lot of mixed feelings related to Apple's latest creation. Despite its recent grand release last month, however, Apple is reportedly already planning its next iPhone model. Based on a tidbit of leaked information from a "private source" revealed to Japanese news site, Nikkei, iPhone fans are already planning a highly anticipated 2018 shopping trip to the Apple Store. The reported "private source" divulged that Apple's new iPhone in 2018 might have a metal back. This bit of news is already calming down Apple fans from the endless anxiety of potentially dropping the notoriously expensive iPhone X, while also leaving us hoping for at least a few potential new color varieties.

Based on a series of drop tests conducted by SquareTrade, an electronic extended warranty service, the iPhone X is reportedly "the most breakable iPhone ever." How incredibly devastating for Apple fans everywhere. Unfortunately, if your iPhone X was one of many that have already taken an unfortunate tumble during a wild night out, or have slipped due to a nasty case of "the butterfingers," a typical screen repair could cost almost $300.

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After paying a daunting $999 for the actual phone, a crack on that beautiful glass OLED screen would be catastrophic. If the new models do, in fact, sport a metal back as predicted, they are anticipated to be significantly less breakable, according to Nikkei. More easily saving $300 on repairs would seriously be ideal.

This new metal model is also expected to debut in a variety of color options (welcome back, rose gold?!) While specific colors sadly weren't specified, Nikkei confirms:

"The 6.1-inch LCD model will probably sport a metal back [like older iPhones] available in several colors," said the source, adding that the two OLED handsets will come in two sizes: one about 6.3 inches long and the other 5.8 inches."

Several colors? Tell us more, we're eagerly listening. The disappointment was so real when the five glorious colors of the iPhone 7 (Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Jet Black, and Matte Black), transitioned into a mere three colors for the iPhone 8, (Silver, Spacer Gray and Gold). And finally, the latest X only presented users with the disappointing decision between Silver or Space Gray. This dramatic change in color options was reportedly due to the phone's transition from metal to glass. According to 9to5 Mac, it was much harder for Apple to produce more colors as a result of using the new glass back design.

Also, according to 9to5 Mac, the newest model might actually be cheaper than the iPhone 8 or the X. In their analysis of Apple's next anticipated model —versus the production of the X — their report states that producing a glass backing for the iPhone 8 and X is much harder than producing a phone with a metal back. Therefore (our bank accounts were praying to the smart phone gods) the 2018 iPhone model might be cheaper than its 2017 counterparts.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

So... all we know about the mysterious upcoming iPhone model is this: It's anticipated to be less breakable, debut in a variety of several colors, and will ideally be significantly less expensive than the iPhone 8 or the X. Nothing is set in stone yet, but it definitely has some of us crossing out "iPhone X" on our Christmas lists.

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